Everyday Problems For Hot People

Everyday Problems For Hot People
Everyday Problems For Hot People
Published on 11/20/2017
Everyday Problems For Hot People


I must be super hot, im always opening the door for myself..
Am I the only one who took this as satire?
don't click the edit button i said something stupid
ginger boy sounds like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo 😂
anyone else reminded of larry the cucumber from veggietales when you hear the guy in glasses' voice? or am i just the weird one xD
I got 99 problems and not one of these are one 😂
Slow day at buzzfeed
Hot people or conceited people?
Sometimes I don't wanna leave the house not because of how many drinks people will buy me, but for how many drinks people WON'T buy me.
...none of you understood this video...
So am I the only one who thought the hottest one was the nerd in glasses?
Buzzfeed should stop posting videos like this. Nobody here understands that these videos are jokes and are made in good nature, so why bother
Were just like you. Except we're hot
Ugly people have everyday problems too ok 😂
They couldn't even come up with enough problems to make it a long video lol
Is it bad that I liked the geeky guy more than the "hot" guy? LOL!
When people comment "Everyday struggle" and you see if they are hot and they are fucking ugly 😂 bitch please
What's a bad angle? 😂😂😂
I didn't find any of them hot, except for the girl who opened up the door with the headband
This is absolutely stupid
I hate it when women grope me with their eyes, and by grope me I mean totally ignore me
This video makes me uncomfortable
Guess im ugly as hell
Sounds like the humble but not humble video
Story of my life
There's Waldo!!!!!
So many people taking this video to the heart, I thought it was hilarious!
Lolol I'd never open the door for someone gawking at their own reflection.
We call you, Normies..
Didn't seem like many problems... Must be nice
Oh you poor things...that must be terrible...
my least favorite video I've ever seen on buzzfeed
everyone is beautiful in their own way....why bother making a video like this
this is borderline narcissism
Um... not one of Buzzfeed's best efforts.
Lol. Look at all the butthurt people hating
I used to suffer these problems all the time, ___ Then I got fukin old.
Who's the hottie in the video?!
now make one for the rest of us ugly people
That black chick though 😍 😍 😍
I really need to unfollow this page already
Ha! I love you guys. This is a special kind of humor ;)
looks like another humble brags that aren't really humble video lol
Dude with the glasses sounds like larry the cucumber 😆
Why I need feminism. I can't stand that people have the audacity to look at other human beings.. it oppresses all of us.
The guy with the glasses tho. Lol
10/10 would go out with the dude wearing glasses haah
Worst buzz feed video ever! Everyone is beautiful and have their own attractive problems not just the people that society thinks are hot.
The "hot" guy was average.. I think the buzzfeed try guys are way cuter

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