Epic News Anchorman Fail

Yes, he did get fired.
Epic News Anchorman Fail
Published on 12/11/2017
Yes, he did get fired.


For general knowledge that I'm an Ethiopian and this story is related to my country, so I known what really happened here, this new fresh news anchor AJ was prepared to read the sport news in his first day which was about London Marathon and the winners name.....that was the problem he couldn't pronounce the winner's name "Tsegaye Kebede" that's why he used the f**** S**t word and he got fired right away. It has been all over on YouTube in the middle of 2013.
I'm guessing because he said, gay as fuking shit at the beginning of the clip!!!
Aaaww feel bad here, he is so nervous. Everyone gets nervous not like he purposely said that
West Virginia University must of had its graduation standards really low for this guy ! .... Good job A.J. !!!!
I didn't know the trailer for Anchorman 3 was already out!
Get him a chance it his first time on tv new, everybody get nervous on their first time!
"I graduated from West Virginia University and I'm used to being from the east coast"....wtf did I just watch
Looks like someone wasted all that college money. Hope he likes manual labor.
It was his first time on the news here I actually watched it haha pretty funny ...this was soo long ago too n the gay thing he was trying to say someones name n it was a tongue twister ...hey he made the today show for it!!
Aww pore dude
Wait, y was he fired????
He should just keep his thought to Him Self
Nerves poor buga! Bet his guts was in knots:-(
was this actually on air.. LOL.. i didnt study Mass comunication or journalism in school but i think i can do better.
Drunk on air.. guess he was celebrating his new job a little too hard there lol
Haha hes like gay gay fukin shit
Gay fucking shit.
Lol Shana Will Wilkens Marc Jean lol
not as bad as bruce
Anthony Quezada on your first day of your career haha
Idiot? Might as well choose a different career path now. Fucking shit..SMH
Luis Diaz este es el q t dije
Tiziano Garaguso
He shows how sucky the east coast attitude is ( I would know, I unwilling live there lol)
Hector Vargas
Brendon lol
Ha ha ha.....
Tommy Whyte
Bruce Almighty lol
his whole self intro made no sense, he cursed, and he was mumbling wile the girl was talking…and he looked pretty normal…i want to know what he was on.
Seem fake
Did he just says "damn gay ass shit"
C'mon Admins -_-
He said " fucking shit" --
omg Vann Tieu this just showed up on my newsfeed. lol
Kenney Hand lmaaao
Vinny Dahr
Luis Carlos Reza
Kat-Pogii Malihan HAHA

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