EPIC clip from Far Cry 4!

EPIC clip from Far Cry 4!
EPIC clip from Far Cry 4!
Published on 12/10/2017
EPIC clip from Far Cry 4!


if it was cod he would of knifed the air
Starting to get really funny how many clips you steal from highlight reel.
get the fuck outta here lol
Boat was like:" You ain't even gonna scratch us with that shotgun, nenene... wait... WHAAAT?!"
murphys law bitch
That was shit! I've done that with a bow! Ha ha. XD
666 views ._.
Michael Bay approves.
Fuck that was good!
That was freaking badass, damn I need to start playing again, love that game
All the people thinking this is a shotgun... can they not see that he is not loading shotgun shells?
Well that went better than expected.
god damn. double barrel shotguns man
Directed by Micheal Bay
Don't know why I thought of MLG, but damn that was a clean set of kills
'Videogamemes' and you can't even tell the difference between Far Cry 3 and 4...
That actually was amazing hahaha
Put allahu akbar on this!!!!!!!!!
gago asteg nun
Ok. That works. It was all planed
far cry 4 logic: destroys relic and killed many yetis, becomes a yeti at the end
Directed By Michael Bay
how did he hit the boat's soldier from the bridge?WITH A SHOTGUN?i mean cmon guys shotguns are for close range not for sniping
im playing it
This was obviously scripted
Well that escalated quickly 😂😂
dude dat is typical gamer's video
oh shit thats awesome
Rory Dietz buy this game, cracker boy
oooops we got a bad ass over here...
Nice Truck shooting :D
never played this game but i still know an epic moment when i see one. grats guy
how epic is that
He must be like:
"WHY DONT YOU FUCKING DIE!? oh a truck... *shoots* woop headshit.... now lets shoot the fucking boat again.....sorry m9 i had an accident"
Holy fuck
That's like straight out of Die Hard omg lol

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