English Lyrics That Sound Like Spanish

English Lyrics That Sound Like Spanish
English Lyrics That Sound Like Spanish
Published on 10/19/2017
English Lyrics That Sound Like Spanish


This is a copycat from a video that a Spanish radio station put out months ago
This is just lame... You guys just copied the ones going around... LAME...!
Pinguino Rodriguez! Lol
Very unoriginal Spanish Buzzfeed
LOL i loved it xD I guess you need to be spanish to get it? XD From Puerto Rico and LOVED it rofl
Could you have at least picked people who can sing? Lol
Lucho! Donde esta lucho Lol
not funny is a vague copy.. plus you don't have the real spanish sense of humor!
Misheard for years by all latinos xD
Hahaha you have to speak Spanish to get it.
But it's true I'm being a Latino DJ over 5 years
Son reebok o son nikes (Classic 😁)
i find this half funny, half i-dont-know-whats-going-on but hey, coming up of something is not as easy as drinking water. i know, their recent videos are not so appealing to the majority compared to their past videos, but instead of commenting not so good comments, why not suggest to them NEW ideas, or non LAME, non STUPID, non RETARDED concepts? :) if you have something good or new in mind, why not tell them. they might consider it. :D
The best video ever, If you born or grown up in any country speak spanish, you know we find the spanish in any song :) thanks guys for make this amazing video.
Pendejos... Ni siquiera quedan
Lol I'm Spanish and everytime I listen to some of these original songs I always think that they seem so Spanish 😂😂
This the best video u made besides....stamlos cuddling tips
"Lucho sabe ingles"😂
Can we please talk about how HOT these men are?!
There are different types of spanish so obviously not all hispanics will be able to relate.
I had english and spanish in my upbringing. Though I never heard spanish in some of these songs, I never heard the english... but some did really sound spanish to me even though I wasn't sure what the hell they were saying LOL
Amber Daley Buzzfeed has different categories of videos. This one in particular just apeals to us interested in a culture other than our own. Some won't understand this because they're close minded. But in case you have not realized...all you have to do is unfollow/unlike their page. Hence you're the only one who's not enjoying... it really wont hurt anyone............
The original is much better!
This is really really bad. None of those lyrics sound Spanish and when you make them sound Spanish they just aren't funny and sound strange. I imagine someone who only originally speaks Spanish thought of this
I love the frijoles
Im spanish...But it was obvious that they changed the words to make it sound Spanish..
Copy of the videos by ecuadorian show La Television
Most of these Spanish words I never use the fuck I don't even use frijoles I use abichuela
Kristen Mendez Bahahaha this literally happens to me all the time haha. I'll be listening to music in English and sometimes it sounds like it's in Spanish haha
As funny as this was, I'm fluent in both English and Spanish and never have I ever mistaken those songs coming off as those Spanish lyrics. Maybe bc the musicians used for this video were too fluent in Spanish? Idk aha but the words used sounded nothing like the real lyrics.
what's going on here? Mostly sounds like English not Spanish -.-
I don't get it?? Working in the music industry I have seen talent of all shapes, genres, and talents. This right here, is one the most absurd videos I have seen
I often want to sing about beans!
That guy with the stubble is gorgeous.
Not even close
This is fantastic.
Ugh..I cant get those minutes back..😒
This is cool
Que carajo esto?!
Frijoles!!! Lol
green day - when I come around = huele a camarón 😂
Adrian the first song....lmao :/ i guess that's what that guy heard when he called the radio station asking 'what song goes reebok or nike?' Lol ;)
The original was better
I just want to know who these men are..
I have a crush on all of these guys 👌
Boring and painfully stupid
This is so stupid 😒😒
Who cares if it's unoriginal it's still funny

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