El niño gaseoso

El niño gaseoso
El niño gaseoso
Published on 11/23/2017
El niño gaseoso


Why would you put your naked baby on social media with all the disgusting people who live in the world today?
I Have A Feeling That Baby Is Being Chocked
Lmao... Instead assuming someone is stupid, or a bad mother know wtf your talking about! Why is everyone so hateful!! Clearly if this was frowned upon she wouldn't have done it then posted a video of it!!!! I googled it and there are floaties made for this!!! It's perfectly safe! If I could figure out how to post I'd show y'all the 5 screen shots I took lol
Omgosh, isn't she afraid the baby is going to drown!
The baby is breathing through his bum bum 😂
if he's farting I'm pretty sure he's okay guys. 😂😂
They make floaters specifically for that purpose
I don't Think this is negligence its actually helping the baby but obviously nonparents wouldnt know
I came here to read comments of people bitching about a parent who raises a child that is not theirs.
Wow 😒😒😒child neglection for entertainment this bitch
Jakajjajaja las burbujitas jajaj
Let's put a floatie around our baby's neck- WHAT A GREAT IDEA!
im gonna buy one so my baby can float like that too looks fun !(:
~Just an English comment passing by~
You all should get off that damn high horse before it falls over from all the weight of u negative people
Que gracioso bebé
Yes this baby is beyond cute and farting babies makes us all giggle but this bothers me a tad. For one a floaty around an infants neck is dangerous. You may think your baby is safe but you can never be too careful. His airway could be constricted or he may even be uncomfortable seeing as he/she looks like its not even 7-8 months old.
Secondly to me a naked baby is adorable. I have three precious kiddos myself but in this day and age it is not safe to put our naked munchkins moments online anywhere.
Their are some disgusting people out there just waiting for videos like this to use for their personal use. My stomach is turning just thinking of it 😢.
Please people do not bash this mother but instead simply educate her on a few dangers!
The poor child why are some mothers thick.
Is she fucking dull. Irresponsible bitch 😯😡✋
This is clearly an uneducated decision. Stay in school ladies. Smdh unbelievable!
They also use these with special needs children so they keep their heads above water while they enjoy something that us normal people take for granted everyday. I agree it looks slightly silly but not neglectful.
I wouldn't trust that damn floaty lol scary ah. #dontcareifitsmadeforthat
Este niño es igual a un amigo mío Jajajajajja dime si sabes de quien A...
Es para impulsarse.
That's not a floaty. Looks Like a potty training seat.
The device around the neck does look goofy, but it's not hurting the baby, and it keeps the baby from hitting their head on the tub. The ones they sit in do not protect them from leaning and hitting their head. All it takes is a split second of dropping the baby shampoo, leaning over to grab it and your baby moved an inch and BAM...head on the side of the tub. This baby would just bounce off the side. And the baby can crawl around and "swim".
OMG. Tell mom to stop giving you beans.!!!!! Ha Ha. So cute.
That what the floatie is made for, so y'all can stop bashing this mother when you guys clearly have no idea what you're talking about
They are not American !! Dah I DONT no what happend to the baby officer Jeeze IDk. Mommy knows best I guess ..I shouldnt judge people ..
Jajajaja que gracioso
El que se desplaza con turbina de aire jajaja
Jajajajajaj así es el mio
Haha ja sådan som hans far er kunne det da nemt blive :D
What a dumb thing to do to a baby!!!
Awe its cute.... BUT the flowdy around the neck I wouldn't do
Well,this is a proven fact what nuts we have!
I'm sure the vid was only a few seconds
Is the baby floating by..just his neck? lol
Idk what exactly that is made for but the baby doesnt look comfortable, he is not having fun and he can barely turn his head.
Funny but ...... I wouldnt put that on my child.
Bello , hermoso bebé
Any link to where we can purchase one please?
Motor outboard.
eans baby gas
Vim le us comentário i n intendo porra nenhuma tnc
No translation required!
Babies low key know when they're bring gross and it's hilarious

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