Easy Trick For Getting The Best Chips In A Bowl

Easy Trick For Getting The Best Chips In A Bowl
Easy Trick For Getting The Best Chips In A Bowl
Published on 11/19/2017
Easy Trick For Getting The Best Chips In A Bowl


The dumbest video on Buzzfeed.
Or you could just open the bag upside down.
I think I need a video on how to watch this video.
seriously?? buz feed is getting out of ideas now
If you get all the crumbs last then just open the bag upside down. All the good chips come last.
This just in buzzfeed has officially ran out of ideas
Or you could just eat out of the bag lol why waste a bowl ?
I actually like the broken pieces.....
Thank you for giving me yet another reason to eat chips and get fat.
oh yeah I'll just turn my hands into vibrators
Did you all think they were going to levitate the best chips to the top of the bowl with a wand?
This definitely needed a video. Thanks
Your gonna have to eat the bottom chips anyway so who cares?
You could just cut open the bottom and pour them out that way...
that's not a trick. that's just a shake
instructions unclear 4 potatoes in my butt
That video was a little crisp around the edges. I'm pretty confused to the point I'm bagging for more information..
I want those 9 seconds of my life back, Buzzfeed.
Uh duh
Did you guys run out of ideas?
Where's the video on wiping my own ass buzzfeed?
You call this video dumb. I call it helpful as fuck because I hate this problem.
Umm... Buzzfeed, you need more ideas because.. everybody already knows this..
I don't think we needed a video for this 😕
That wasn't even a video about getting the best chips into the bowl.. It was about getting the best chips on top.
Did you know the Gruma corporation produces Gerrero, Mission, and Calidad tortillas? and sells them all as competing brands right next to each other in stores? write a story about that!
Are you freaking kidding me? You made a video about something a 2 year old already knows? I want my 12 sec back lol
or you could uh.. open the bottom of the bag?
So basically common sense? Got it
Ive done that for 3 years with muy favorite chips 😎
Uhhh.... who didn't already know this =/
Or open from the bottom
I save the unbroken chips for last, I eat the broken pieces first. Iono why but it just feels right.
who puts crisps (chips if you prefer) in a bowl anyway...
Mexican cereal: broken chips, salsa and a spoon.
wow now i can eat full chips in a bowl.. life saver.. thank you buzzfeed!!
....if you needed to be shown how to do this, then you probably had to have someone pull this video up for you too.
I like the little ones, they get just enough dip on them
Why don't you just open the bag from the other end if it's that serious.
I was expecting a troll face in the end..xD
Who doesn't already do this...
Buzzfeed, you are worrying me.
OR you could just open the bag from the bottom so the crumbs go in first...
Just open it upside down.. Jesus christ...
Don't ever buy that brand of chips....I did and the entire bag was spiders and webs all around the chips. So disgusting!
I want my 10 sec back!
Are you kidding me?
Why does this even exist? I saw a video on here the other day explaining how to eat an apple "correctly" we are all doomed.

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