Easter Treats Around The World

Easter Treats Around The World
Easter Treats Around The World
Published on 10/19/2017
Easter Treats Around The World


You missed Mexican capirotada!
Dude, where's the capirotada?
Why do yall always leave germany out <.<
I just want the food. Holidays mean nothing to me
As a Dane I can confirm that I have no idea about what you're talking about. Double chocolate Danish? What? We do eat a LOT of chocolate covered marzipan, but not whatever that is.
Missing capirotada from Mexico!
I love hot cross buns, never knew that about the friend thing though! I'll never share my hot cross bun are you mad bro
I was waiting for Capirotada 😕
Actually in Italy the official easter cake is "colomba". It's very similar to the "panettone" but in the shape of a dove. Il pane di pasqua and la pastiera are more regional
Can't get every country in the world so don't get offended if your country isnt represented. Oh and this makes me sad bc i look at america and just think of peeps and easter chocolate bunnies
Who really celebrates Easter anymore?
Around the world or... Just mostly around Europe?
Good ol' German Carrot cake. Homemade Apple squares with home made frosting. And Kolachi's ( poppy seed are the best!).... yummmm!
Made me drool 😍
Where's the carrot cake for the usa? My grandma makes one every year, with cream cheese frosting
Pastiera is never done with custard!
U forgot the CAPIROTADA ! 😫
In Brazil, Chocolate Eggs and Cake Colomba Pascal.
So delicious!
HAPPY EASTER for all!!!
I need all these carbs
Nut or poppy seed bread from Poland
I just eat whatever food whenever. Because food is delicious and I'm not waiting 1 year at a time to enjoy deliciousness
Hot cross buns usually have a white line, not a yellow one:)
We have cross buns in Australian too...
Y la capirotada??
Capirotada! Is a mexican recipe with bread, peannuts, piloncillo, panela cheesse, coconut and another delicious stuffs P:
What a waste of food
Paska!! Made 3 of them last night! So delicious!
I'm a Dane. And i've never heard about that cake...
We do have a beer for everything though
...again not a single Latin American country...not even Mexico?!?!? Really
Maltese Figolli! Now that's a yummy Easter treat
These all looked delicious.
I want all of this
They forgot the Finnish mämmi. :D
Fish and bun and cheese
Fish and bun and cheese!!
Half of this stuff looks really gross,
My bf is Bulgarian, so I make kozunak & braid it similarly to challah.
Google what we have hers in Bulgaria!
The UK one is bs or I just know nothing about my country. Split one with a friend? are you kidding me?
Fish and bread!
Now i want some of those 😍😪
ahhh my mom made some of thatt cx
And what does America have??? OH YEA PEEPS!

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