Dudes Show Off Their Bra Skills

Dudes Show Off Their Bra Skills
Dudes Show Off Their Bra Skills
Published on 10/21/2017
Dudes Show Off Their Bra Skills


I can't even take off my own bra with one hand?
"Fuckin fine, ill do it myself!" Hahaha yess
But how fast can they take off a pull over bra? 😂
I know bras hold my boobs and that I prefer to not wear them as often as possible
Men....don't even fear the corset.....we do not wear them with the intention of having you take it off. Just remove the panties and have fun ;)
Please, they can do it one hand in four seconds if they are about to get laid with the girl theyve been wanting
They're wearing that (awful plastic bone) corset backwards -_-
Should've thrown a maternity bra in for good measure lol
Big guys seemingly knew what he was doing though
"But also stop inventing new ways to attach bras" lmao he said what they all were thinking
Hot damn. Hello ginger.
1 corset was backwards
2 where are the sports bras? They HAVE NO CLASPS! only things I ever wear xD
Out of 200 comments(thus far), 7 people (including myself) figured our and pointed out that the corset was on backwards... can we get a BuzzFeed Video about proper corset-ry as recompense?
I guess its cause girls who wear bras have more experience taking them off, but we can also get them off while still wearing clothes over top haha
I wonder if mayweather would be fast this time...
They need to try 4 and 5 clasp bras! It's fun to watch the most "experienced" struggle with them.
I just pull mine over my head
Really buzzfeed...the corset is on backwards
Corsets on backwards. Hahaha
the fat guy props already wears a bra....
Um I only wear sports bras, why didn't they add that into the video? That would be pretty funny >.>
"Paul is coming to pick me up in his Prius!" lolol
You should do a gay guys take bras off video
You gotta admit this was slightly homoerotic ;) haha
Try a wet sports bra! Haha
The dude in the brown shirt.. lmao
Guys who live with their girlfriends don't really have to worry about this haha. Most girls take their bra off as they're walking through the front door lmao.
Bruno Bernacchi bra training should totally be a thing. Also I think girls wear front clasp bras just to mess with guys
But can you do it with your teeth? 😁 now there's a challenge
That sexy ass ginger needs to be in more videos!!! Who is he????
Goodbye buzzfeed seriously nothing but gay shit all day
Guys are screwed if it's a sports bra lol
Guys, don't know what you're doing? Stand behind her and kiss her neck.. you'll gain at least an extra 10 seconds!
Lol the corset was backwards😄
Don't hit edit. I said something bad....
Girls we know you hate them, we guys do so free the boobies!!!!!
Who is the guy on the left at the start of the video?? Omg he's beautiful. ..
Ugh..... the corset is on backwards. OTL
Corsets are definitely supposed to have the lace up part in the back and the clasps in the front... not the other way around.
they put the corset on backwards
Shows how much they know about bras. The corset were backwards
Funny when guys are going for your back to take off your bra while kissing u.... Then they notice there isn't any hooks .... So they start feeling the front ..... Lmfaooooo
Noticing there isn't any in the front either then they start looking at you like WTF????
Then we pull it over our heads bahahaha
Natasha Corkill they act like it's so hard to do. I can undo any of those without any problem one handed. I end up having to help Ry out. He struggles for so long I'm jus like OMG I'll do it ! Then not even a second later .. Bam it's off haha.
Why the F are they wearing corsets backwards?
they put the corset on backwards.....
That big guy has some game though lol
When me & My Husband... the 1st time he popd mine off with 1 hand behind my back! Kinda bothered me bcuz obviously he had a lot of practice b4 us. But he's also 10 years older than me so I couldn't b that mad.
That was hot :3 hahaha!..
For regular clasps you just put one finger underneath and push it forward and use your fingers to pinch it and open it, like a snapping motion. For the corset, put one hand as flat and firm along the side of the line and push in the direction of the clasps and with the other, hold a spot in the middle with your fingers and pull it in the direction of the clasps so that the two hands crossover quite a bit and that should get most of them, then go back and so the same at the top and bottom of necessary

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