Ducking Cool Duck Facts

Ducking Cool Duck Facts
Ducking Cool Duck Facts
Published on 10/19/2017
Ducking Cool Duck Facts


Buzzfeed, we know you only did this to show off your duckling. We get it
Someone at Buzzfeed is obsessed with ducks, and i'm gonna find out who it is.
Yep, they are definitley fresh out of ideas.
when auto correct turns fucking into ducking
Anyone else singing the theme to Wonder Pets? lol
I want a duck. It shall be given the name, Pickle.
So I googled duck penis 😊😊
I totally thought the first fact said that ducklings can travel up to 55 mph while masturbating..... 😕
Just wondering. Who was actually distracted by the duck to read the facts?
There's a WHOLE lot of interesting facts about the downstairs of ducks that weren't on this cute list (and I assume for that reason).
One of them being that make ducks lose a bit more than their flying feathers at the end of mating season
This is ducking cute.
You should have added that feeding ducks bread, KILLS them.
Is this duck the new Buzzfeed pet or are you guys just borrowing him for a while?
Fact: Herondales don't like ducks.
You forgot to mention that muscovy ducks rape other duck species until the other duck dies.... 😞
Sadly not everyone is on the same boat when it comes to saving the muscovy ducklings, they usually get EU to preserve the integrity of the original species.
Does that make Drake a quack? lololol
ha ha so funny leish ...
I have a female Pekin duck who protects our chickens like a rooster.
More duck videos please, i love these!
Ducks are natures rapists.
Why did I watch this ?
You forgot to mention the other thing about a Muscovy duck dick. It's the largest in proportion of any animal
And it cork screws the opposite way of the females vagina.
55mph? That's a fast duck.
They also taste good as peking duck ;)
It's Ming Ming from wonder pets.
Actually all male ducks are called drakes. Not just mallards.
Katey Hammond and Amy Griessl. Duck facts to a whooooole new level! Makes me kinda miss child studies with you guys.
Edwina Yu okay stop the marriage proposals for a cute duck video
Ming Ming? Hated that damn duck.
Colin Matthew lol! If I can remember right, you like ducks? If not, then I'm an idiot.
Hey Vanessa look... Since I always tag you in cat stuff, look ducks lol😂😂
Hahahahah Amir You will like this ;) 😂😂
Jeff Gallo I think they left out the part where male ducks rape and sometimes gang rape their females......
Kimberly Villegas pretty sure u wouldn't care about the facts cause of how adorable they r lol
Proud momma of 5 ducklings right herrrr🙋
POR fin veo a mi primo
Those are some neat Duck facts!
“I pose a conundrum to you Trebek, a riddle if you will.
What’s the difference between you and a mallard with a cold?
One’s a sick duck...
I can’t remember how it ends, but your mother is a whore.”
I love ducks!! I want one! Ahh!
I raise ducks and I kid you not they're messy little creatures. I slaved creating fresh drinking water for them and they decide to swim in it. FACT.
Ducklings are walking poop factories
Ducks are awesome pets but they are super messy!
If you think ducks are adorable look up true facts about the duck on youtube
I love ducks
This isn't a mallard duckling.
I have three little ducks and they give me life <3
That fact about ducklings being saved with a ringtone was in Slidell!!!
runnin through the 6 with my woes.

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