Drunk Dudes Talk About Their Cats

Drunk Dudes Talk About Their Cats
Drunk Dudes Talk About Their Cats
Published on 10/19/2017
Drunk Dudes Talk About Their Cats


"If you have a shitty cat, your a shitty person, it's just science!" LMFAOO GOLDEN! HAHA :D
Lmaooo "he got hit by a car, twice, he didn't give a fuck!" Sabrina Robinzine
"He's like Forrest Gump of cats" XD..
we don't know much about cat's cognitive abilities because they're " the world's most uncooperative research subject".
Right off the bat, 7 of 26 were just like "no" and had to be dropped.
My cat's a dick. But he's MY dick.
"Dont lick ur sisters butt"
Sarah Jane Mike Couture one of those guys was a teacher of mine... No joke!
"If you have a shitty cat then you're a shitty person. That's just science." SOOO RIGHTTTT!!!!! Sarah D'Amboise Solomon Thehebrewhammer Cracchiolo Ryan Markey Katie Willis Amanda Labeskis Nina Marie Colon
Carlos "just stop shitting in the tub" 😂
Tori Ploof Eleni Garbrandt Megan Hardy... this is how I talk about my cats... when I am sober. sooo.....
"I'll have the thought that I'll miss Ellie, then immediately have the thought that I should text her, then I have the thought remembering that cats can't text.." Marisa Beasley
"My cats a dick, but he's my dick" Merrit Filan Marissa Angulo Jami Klicker Hannah Burns Amanda Chlipala Nick Slattery Jordan Anderson Mycah Kalyn Carr Libby Donaldson
Camden "if you have a shitty cat, then you're a shitty person. That's just science."
Shenae Taryn Courtney Baylee Time to invest in a cat!!
Marina Torres Victoria Bouldin Yajaira Mendoza-Plata Brandon Robert I could not stop laughing
Matt Ahumada Mike Kenny Tara Fritsch Moran Melissa Bolaños Isee You Darius Amanda Pineda Alejna Natasha Kalavik Alix Mary Pierson
Charlotte Hotchin Katie Cosmann hahaha Thomson Nkoy
Sean Wayne Robert Grizzybear Griswold Lindsey Vernott Thomas Griswold Shaela Marie Sami Bussinger this is so god damn funny. the guy with the purple shirt is the best.
Drew Purdy Bruno Django Luke Kerger Zach Dohogne Ryan Grysinski Andrew Bruce
Savannah Dyami Literally I love them
My cat is watching this with me, and is completely offended. And thinks this video is stupid. I disagree, though.
Necro Mariy
Shayna what you subscribe to this page!? Tagging me to all their vids :-D
Veronica Jett i think we know someone like this...
Karolina Bakanovas
Eric Zias
Lawrence Brigada Im dying hahaha
Casey Haberman Matthew Haberman Why isn't Casey in this video...lol
Hahahah Jennifer Barbosa Jeff Campbell
Michelle Bluzer
Matthew Ross hehe
Michael Viveiros
Maricel Pactanac
Skye Escalera lol lol I think of you and your cats haha
And I imagine you
saying this lol
Kelsey Lynn Alina Pacheco
Raul Moreno
Robert Wahlman
Layla Ghanim
Erin Cissell
Ajesh Shah - I'm sure you'd be one of these
Conagher Robinson
Kyle Pauley i immediately thought of you!! Minus the booze but same result. Luv ya xoxoxo
Morgan McKinley Bryanna Huivenaar
I love my cat. :) this video is amazing.
Reggie, just stop shitting in the tub! Lol
Gavin F. Lewis
Hannah Wintle Alex Wintle Maddy Wintle
I wish I had a cat to talk about! :/ Hannah Marie
Eric Flamer
Meileth Lynn Nunez is this Zach Gruskin or what?!?!

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