Driver on Phone Cause Major Accident

Remember to not use your phone while driving cause this was the cause for it.
Driver on Phone Cause Major Accident
Published on 11/19/2017
Remember to not use your phone while driving cause this was the cause for it.


should be pulled from the car and beaten senseless for being such and irresponsible fuck tard
Driver under alchol effect cause major accident
yes, you stupid, inconsiderate, selfish, the world rotates around me and laws don't apply to me.....asswipes on their phones.
How you know they using phone while driving
I'm just saying, I didn't see brake lights.... Maybe something more going on here than texting and driving.... I don't promote texting and driving, but I don't think that's what was happening here.
I wish I had a dash cam to video some of the drivers I see WOW!
theres a brake in your left stupid
Good thing I saw this while I was driving.
someone make a device that will shut down the engine automatically while talking to phone for more than 30sec!
I don t see the brake light STOP ;/
Probably a male driver..
Abit of paramore in the background too 😂
Brilliant video 😄👍🏻
That awkward moment when you're reading this comment, and can't stop reading because you are so intrigued by it, that you keep reading, and then you realize it says nothing important.
Tex and driving for sure
That's some poor driving - right there.
Its all about cellphone
Little delay on the omg.
Some people just never learn.😔
This car have a bomb in Baghdad/ Iraq
Probably a women driver...
I love chipotle
HHR rammed into the trailer and got hooked up ... that was not good
A average feature that cost $ 1.200,00 = distance control ;)
Cody Allen I applaud you!!!!
that was awesome did you see that car take out that trailor that was so cool
You expect me to believe this was an accident? This is some hitman stuff.
People are so dumb
Somebody is going to get their ass sued off.
I'm going to assume blonde teen girl
Maybe she ( And yes I'm sure it was a stupid fucking female) wanted to park in the trailer. She kept following that shit at every zig and every zag.
This nigga!!! Hahaha daz fucked up
I have to get tooooo Arby's
A Chevy HHR... say no more.
That trailer was way too heavy for the truck hauling it if it was knocked out of control that easily....
Bluetooth is useful... Yes? Haha
That could have been totally prevented. The guy was speeding, and not paying attention at all. Just zipped right up on that guy and rear ended them. Dumb ass.
Dustin Hefner this what happened to ur truck that ine day?
Maisy Matthews! Don't drive and text babe xox
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