Driver Misses Blind Spot | Dashcam Crash

Gotta check those blind spots...
Driver Misses Blind Spot | Dashcam Crash
Published on 11/19/2017
Gotta check those blind spots...


I'm guessing he's not going camping this weekend lol
Well that was totally the camper guys fault! Nothing to do with blind spots!!!
Now, I'm no expert on caravans, but I think that van might be fucked.
One less on the road O yes 😆
Not a blind spot problem,,, he forgot he had the camper on his vehicle. ....dumbass
That'll buff out!
Deez nutz!! Lol
Now come on guys you know you all want to do that to the caravans.
WTH. Idiot thought he could scoot by you. Too bad he forgot to make room for the trailer.
Blind spot?
The dickhead drove straight into the side of him and went flying, blind spot is slightly behind you and he wasn't in front.
Lol dumb fuck should have waited till the truck passed because you're in a merging lane
Missed the blind spot my ass! The dipstick was trying to pass without adequate room.
This is no less than aggressive driving at its worst! The fool should have his license PERMANENTLY revoked. People like this are the number one reason that there are so many deaths involving autos.
I bet the caravan driver was about 90 lol
Serves the cunt right for having a caravan
Yooo, i live there 😊
People are always in such a damn hurry
Who else was dead focused on that red car thinking something was going to happen to him
A bit of t-cut and microfibre cloth will fix it
seen, yellow number plate
This is why girl's shouldn't drive. Lmao
Fuck head !
So often it's not what you think...carefully watching the wrong thing
Yikes :O
hey idiot your house is gone.
Bloody emmitts!
Well thats clearly a bad day
Did that forget he had a trailer behind him ?
Too funny
Fuck you gypsy.
Female driver
Not a good way to start the family trip. Haha
Definitely not the drivers fault. He was a head of the other car on a merging lane. That other car should have been paying attention and let the driver through first.
I think he forgot he had a trailer
Suck shit, you fucking prick
Hahaha these always make me laugh
no big deal
Looks to me like the caravan driver was speeding to get through and didnt make it... karma is a bitch
No I think the blue car forgot that a trailer was attached, otherwise just a simple horn blow would result and both cars would be untouched
What the hell
That guy needa slow down the camera guy already passed the merge lane...wtheck!
Good :))

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