Dragonball z Throwback

Dragonball z Throwback
Dragonball z Throwback
shit cartoon mata
Published on 10/23/2017
Dragonball z Throwback


Fuck Yall 4 messing up my favorite cartoon
That part where he pointed was the funniest shit i ever seen
hahahahahahahaha this shit never gets old .
Cornell Rogers
Love you Donald D Morgan 😍😘.. 😂
Hahahahahaha im dead weak,
David Pence, you'll love this.
That's it... I'm having a giant screen at my, probably never happening, wedding and that is so playing... if they still say yes then I know its a keeper
Davion Jones
Josue Mendoza Gutierrez Salvador Mata Flores Cristian Mata Flores Marco Cruz William Fujiwara Magana
your shit remade Luis Jr Rivera xD . best drgonball shit cx .
Goku's like :"Um...I'll still whoop yo ass!" nnnnyyyAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGH!!!
Kodie Stetson
Hahahahahaha brilliant!
Brenden Jackson-Pasechnik Oby Clemans
Serena hahaha
Russell Mazzaro
i luv di damn show
Keir Rowland
RIP headphone users
Matches the scene perfectly.
Thought of you LMFAOOOO Brandon L. Glenn i can't breathe !!!!!!!!
Sarie Nachtergaele
Now i wont be able to watch DBZ without thinking of this :c
ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!
Claire Middel
truueee for saying f yall 4 messing up my favorite cartoon
Whitney Huston level over 9000
Deashawn Catten
Mike Young
Why am I in tears??
its anime not a cartoon but i still agree with u
Jaresus Nkosi Krayxie Rutledge!! Lmao
John Vu
funny mostly because i hate the show
Im pretty sure this didnt go well with Chi-Chi, lol!
Hanser Zuber
Ronja Vîan Ahmad
Ja :'D
R.I.P earphones
Elena Hernandez
Tyrren Smith
Jt Williams
Somaya O'Hussein jag har hamnat i koma igen HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Jahvade Francis
Saul Fuentes
Tash Lee :')
Karla Bueno Blanca Bueno Falcon

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