Don't let no one bring you down

Don't let no one bring you down Respect <3
Don't let no one bring you down
guy man respect all god hope
Published on 10/23/2017
Don't let no one bring you down
Respect <3


Much Respect, Big LIKE <3
To the people writing hate comments, I hope you realize that any second you could get into an accident and become handicapped. Even though this man may be different than you and I doesn't mean that he has a smaller heart. Therefore he deserves the same amount of recpect you get.
I want to find this guy! He is an insperation to everyone with disabilities :)
Everybody on here saying God Bless and fuck the hater. But truth be told some of ya'll be the same ones the would be quick to insult and degrade someone like him!!! Get y'all lives together
Well spoken
^^^keep your head up bubba ain't nobody perfect and just remember god has a purpose for everyone and just by making this video you have touches people ^^^ and y'all arguing over this it's stupid immature and disrespectful people who make fun of people because they have confidence issues !! Y'all need to calm down and listen to the message and learn from it y'all calling him ugly and weird wont change his appearance all it does is makes you look ugly on the inside he is a man the test of y'all are little boys in a grown mans world grow up and stop hating on people you know nothing about because I bet none of y'all would last a day in his shoes !!
I don't see how he's seeking attention. The way I see it is he's trying to send us all a message.
I have so much respect for this guy
You know what I see? A person. He's in the same race as I. The human race. He's got faith. He looks at himself and thanks God for the way he is. No complaining. He is the richest. Not the poorest. What greater gift then to love yourself. I wish I could be that positive. God bless you man.
Aww! That's sad! You're not ugly or weird you're perfect just the way you are!<3 ^respect!
You're all hypocrites , if this guy came up to you on the street none of you would acknowledge him, and you know it.
This made me smile. People can be so mean and rude without realizing the impact it may have on other people's lives.
To all you stupid fucks disrespecting this guy your all just hating cause he doesn't your guys shot talk get to him and if I ever met you dumb fucks I will personally lay you out
like: who ever saw it more than one
The simple appreciation for life is where it's at. Much respect.
This guy has more heart than anybody, I don't get how people could be soo heartless and cruel
That's a good attitude, you're unique and that's what makes you stand out. Ya you may look different but there's no reason to be called ugly because Of it. You're awesome dude. Stay strong and don't let the haters get under your skin.
Awwww handsome ♥
No ugly and weird were seen in that vid just a good hearted kid
You're not ugly or weird my man, you're a good kind hearted man. dont let anyone tell you differently!
Inspiratinal /')
I have respect for him.
fuck all you who wrote disrespectful comments. he may not be good looking but he's definitely is a better person than any of you will ever be. i hope you understand the severity of what you say to people.
If he asked any of you girls on a date all of you would say no. Fact
This dude is legit, he's not even mad at people. He just wants to let everybody know its all good, at least he's alive. Wish more people could think like this.
This is such a great 6 second video. It kills me to think someone would be mean to someone like him. He deserves to live like ever single one of us.
Bradley fell , what a cunt you truly are. Well done bullock chops you proved fuck all and gained nothing from that comment (Y) well apart from making your self look like a complete BELLEND. Do you have offspring ? If so go help them and humanity you little arse ferret. Your nothing an oxygen thieve!
Lotus flower how disrespectful are you. I hope that you get hit by a bus you rude ungrateful bitch
All this hate is pathetic did you not just hear he doesnt care? you're wasting you time, l mean it might not matter since you have no life. :3
ppl need to leave him alone what if you was born like that would u like somebody disrespect you NO!!! so stfu this man is amazing and everything he could possibly be so lead him the fuck alone GROW THE FUCK UP
^youre an asshole
Fraser fuck off you absolute bellend
Stupid fuckin asshole ^ @michael rodriguez u should really go check ur self in the fuckin mirror dumbass *god bless this man!*
So do dickheads^
Bitches be like "hes not ugly" but if he ask u out bitches will be "helll no fuck off"
C.j white is a faggot
You know what. It actually pisses me the fuck off of how low people can get. I mean really? You're gonna make fun of him for how he looks, etc. grow the fuck up. Heartless pieces of shit. I think it's pathetic of how people can sit there and just comment and make fun of him, he's a human being. He's not any different from us.
This vid means a lot to me. My baby bro was born with a facial deformation. I hope he has the same amount of confidence and strength as this guy :')
All these girls being so nice to him yet they would never date him or talk to him on the street.
All you dicks leaving stupid ass comments can burn in hell. This guy is more of a man than any of you will ever be. Pathetic ass cunts.
nigga got the same face and hat on. its a real life franklin
Rj Mayer Austin Rosario
Respect to this guy. P.S. Dustin go jump off a cliff. Thankyou.
To the people writing hate comments, I hope you realize that any second you could get into an accident and become handicapped. Even though this man may be different than you and I doesn't mean that he has a smaller heart. Therefore he deserves the same amount of recpect you get
It's sad that people get so caught up in the outside appearance they forget it crumbles away. We're all human, we all shed blood sweat and tears. Smh. We create categories from race to income and it's messed up. People shouldn't be judged or defined that way in an instant.
Not funny ^
Stfu ^^ & Mad Respect ❤
Anyone who hates on this individual doesn't have a heart. It isn't his fault he was born this way.
Keep ya head up boy. People like you are an inspiration to this country
I'd say yeah. Because I bet he wouldn't take girls for granted, and I bet he'd treat any girl like a princess. Not everyone's as shallow as you.

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