Dog Dances To The Blues!

Dog Dances To The Blues!
Dog Dances To The Blues!
Published on 10/19/2017
Dog Dances To The Blues!


Pretty sure he's just scratching his butt on the floor.. he doesn't care about the music
The dogs not dancing, his but is itching!!!! :\ time to deworm, I'd say......
omg your all dumb.. worms? really? dogs drag forward when they have worms, i've never once seen a dog do that when it has worms... shaking and nodding his head? go back and crawl under your rocks.. idiots.. lol.
I was looking at the other dog and thinking that he was saing (you are idiots he has worms).
Deaf Bulldog loves Blues music
It is deaf but it can hear the vibrations according to the dog owner.
"Winston is a 2 year old deaf English Bulldog rescue who despite a clean tail, loves to scoot. With my friend Ashland on guitar and vocals, he gave us quite the show!" Winston is a 2 year old deaf English Bulldog rescue who loves to DANCE TO THE BLUES. He's got a clean bill of health. No worms, parasites, seizures, and his anal glands are fine. It's just something he does!.. CREDIT TO THE OWNER
Or it might just have worms
This is what dogs do when they have worms...its just got an itchy ass...Drontal will stop that itch...
Dog has worms!
He is itching!!! Do something! Idiots!
Kayla Liew
Eirini Sp
Joey Bazouni Mark Tuckwell
Lena Yong
Ravel Lombardi Marcello Milanese
Lianne Molendijk
Fabielle Antunes Vivian Morena Dos Anjos Juliana Ludwig
Adrienne Pickless
Debra Macias Jasmine S. Bourland
Aida Hodder mira que fumado este perrito jaja
Mylene Chömölein Rodeck hahahaha😂😂
Tobias Heymann
i agree with trista the dogs butt is itchy he needs worming
A esto se le llama sentir la musica Litza Gutierrez :)
Hahaha Veronique Patoine
He just had an itchy butt...
Cris Palma
Mi Oun Vatna
Jillian Leigh, Judi Volpe thought you all would enjoy this puppy dancing to blues music! #socute
Looks like he has worms ha
Julia Jannik Leonard
I want to see the woman who is singing. She has a really dirty voice.
Sasja Levi Maurice Timur
Mamachmi NakShi
Shelley Reece
Mosab Nabeel =P
Silje Thoresen Marte Vold Camilla Myklebust
Rebecca Scott this made me laugh ! Thought I'd share ha
Mario Aguayo
TC Seda Genc Elif Sular how cute
Nguyễn Ảnh Tuấn Cường
Jolanda Marcus
Justin Larkinhaha
Mar Yam
He's got an itch he can't reach.... He's not dancing !!
Eva Battraw Samantha Baucum
Ngân Huỳnh Bill Nguyen Bunny Nguyen
Pretty sure he just has worms...
Jhonni de la Cruz :)
Ram Mamz

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