Disparo en el brazo

Disparo en el brazo
Disparo en el brazo
paintball ball lol
Published on 10/20/2017
Disparo en el brazo


Wow and possibly the gun is shooting hot as f*ck it's called an Allen key
Yo digo!! sin animo de ofender!! porque sera que solo a los gringos se les ve haciendo guebadas!!!!
This is why no one respects paintball.
This is how paintball gets a bad name and reputation. Thanks you fucktarded moron's!!!!!
Y se rie encima este quien es? Rocky?
Por cosas como esas es que el paintball no tiene buenas referencia por gente así esas marcadoras están hechas para el deporte no para hacer ese tipo de ocio
Thisnt simply a high fps issue lol
Any normal paintball will break before it does that.
Its probably a brand of paintball called ( monster ball) .... Check it out on youtube. They are damn near impossible to break them
no aman las partes de su cuerpo les gusta sufrir que feo
me avisan cuando le de cancer
How come all anyone is talking about is how high the psi is?? Not how that dude just had a projectile logged in his arm & he acted like it was a mosquito bite?!?
Fuck that
Marica la madre q si hubiese tenido la oportunidad de estar presente cuando hicieron a estos locos, les regalo un condón a los papás. A lo bien!!!!
oh diablos!! que estupides
La paintball estaba congelada, no revento, yo juego paintball y nunca haria eso a mis companeros.
Afzzzz perigoso! Doido
He needs more iron 😏
Jefter 😱
que idiot
Looks like he was shooting a reball they are rubber balls... Well at least he gets a nice scar out of it
What a lad lol
Mano, tá maluco
Damn frozen or bouncy ball? Fuck that
Someone said this is airsoft, I'm not sure they've ever seen a paintball before if not that is the biggest pellet I've ever seen!
locos de mierda
acavo de ver en esta pagina un chico qe no se quiere vacunar y estoy viendo un chico que le dispara a su amigo arrancandole el pedazo... q loco no?
Almost like a cyst pop!! 😃
That's fucking crazy
Q asco jajaj
I love how he just squeezes it out 😂
Jujuju alta potencia maaan... :p
Wow it's stuck it wouldn't like it to.be me :o
Orra...eu acho q deve estar congelada ..kkkk só pode
muityo burro
Must be a monster ball, or an evil ball..
God damn South Africans....insane fucking Boers....
That's mad
Idiots. The reason the gate is locked.
what's the fu*k
Dayummm thats crazy strong...
fuck idiots
the guy is so relaxed for having been penetrated by a ball.
Que isso gente?
Que brincadeira idiota !

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