Discontinued Sodas Taste Test

Discontinued Sodas Taste Test
Discontinued Sodas Taste Test
Published on 10/18/2017
Discontinued Sodas Taste Test


What the hell do.people even do at buzzfeed? Make awesome.videos all day long? How do I get this job!?
Why would you drink the unclear Pepsi Clear???? Brave people
It's normal if they say all taste bad since all EXPIRED.
I seriously want to be friends w every person in this video!!!!
Sprite Remix!
looool cx that was funny at the end with the clear soda the guy is like if this was clear at one point like we..... are fucked cx that was funny
I wonder if they experienced any hallucinations afterwards lol
I miss orbitz drinks lol
I want surge!!!!!!!!
Ugh why?
Still missing the Dr. Pepper Berries and Cream
"What happens when the balls go in your mouth?" No one else caught that ...?
Aw you forgot Sprite Remix
"no sodium. that's good. i hate it when my sodas are salty" xD Shao Ling Tan
Lol these people are my favorite.. They need their own show hahaha
answer : honestly i dont know
Jay Manaloto where's MONDO!?!?! :]]
Where's the Sprite Remix?!
Hey Mali Monae Mayfield do they still have Surge (Urge) In Norway? :p
Nichole Camden and Corrie Camden y'all remember surge and orbitz???!!! Hahahah
Luis Sarah Melissa Jill Linda George 😂😂
Haha, seriously, where did they even find un-opened bottles of this stuff?
Bobbie Jo Corlew, was waiting to see if they had Josta...
These videos are funny
Rob Barahona check out the last one. HEEEEELLLLAAAA
Why are they drinking it anyway? Just asking 😂
Mary Minkyung Kang
Isaac Rivera
Josh Newperve
Luke Coogan
Kimberly Chatterson
Seng Saechao Paulie Saechao lmfao
Genna Hunt
Austin Caballero Steven N. Garcia
And just where the hell is Josta?
Keiwon Liko Brown
All the balls on 3! LOVE IT!
Andrew Vasquez
Sean Azze
John Palmer
That is so dangerous!!!
don't u get stomachache aftr drinking that things..??
Sean Olds
Blake Payne
Blake Payne
Nicole M Vega
They still sell urge in Norway. You can get it anywhere
Omfg that Orbitz was so OLD! XD

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