Definitive Proof That Sinning Is Actually Good For You

Definitive Proof That Sinning Is Actually Good For You
Definitive Proof That Sinning Is Actually Good For You
Published on 11/19/2017
Definitive Proof That Sinning Is Actually Good For You


Sinning is a religious thing. That being said, nothing that this video claims, comes from sins, is important for us. According to the religion that these sins are from?..., the benefits of these sins are for the flesh not the spirit. Therefore they are not really benefits.
Satan is the father of all lies. And when he lies, he's very creative in it..making us fall for it.
Their is an excuse for everything! U can always make something wrong, right and right, wrong!
Jason Payan
maybe we should argue more often cx
You say it like it's a good thing, but in reality it isn't. In EXCESS, these sins can be dangerous spiritually and physically; and we always want MORE of something that seems like a good thing
It seems people are Happier when they do what they want and arn't made to feel guilty about not being 100% obedient al the time.. hmm..
Tina Carrera-Murrell
It never sounded bad 😏
They want you to go to hell....truth is that the devil wants you to lust have greed Ect. But if you had god and truly happy you wouldn't need any of those things
1. Sloth is NOT taking a few moments to yourself. It's taking way too much time. Procrastinating too much and letting it screw up your life 2. Pride is not appreciating praise, it's becoming obsessed and blinded by pride and ignoring truth and criticism. 3. Wrath is not just getting angry and expressing it, it's letting that anger take over and control you, making you do stupid shit like ramming someone's car when they cut you off. 4. Greed is not wanting things, it's letting that greed become an override to humanitarianism and not becoming self interested to the point where you damage the lives of others with your own greed. 5. Gluttony by definition is not craving it is gorging yourself. Eating more than you need and leaving nothing for anyone else, or simply gaining weight. 6. Jealousy isn't about wishing you were better or competing, it's about letting yourself be angry at someone for having something better than what you have, then letting that anger make you irrational and try to take it from them. 7. Lust isn't about having sex. It's about letting the urge to have sex control you and lead you or letting sex become the driving force in a relationship when in reality it should be about every part of who someone is.
These datapoints they've used are only slightly related bullshit. These sins are sins because they can take over and control you. They are warnings and an attempt to curb the call of these failings that are wired into human beings. They are an attempt to keep us logical and sane.
Inviting people to sin blatantly is inviting people to let these urges take over and control you. This isn't about religion. It's about staying sane and logical, and not letting the sins blind you to logic.
As usual, we humans always seek ways to justify our wrongdoing. Any right thinking individual knows that greed, laziness and the other SINS mentioned here bring no benefit to true human advancement. They contribute to poverty, disease and man's inhumanity to man.
Carmela Mejía Figueroa miralo!
Jared Shotel the last one explains Tori
E ótimo
hahaha all you religious people getting bent out of shape now saying sin is bad. HAHAHA
Reina Hormachuelos :P the last one
So freaking stupid.
Hy Der
Rebeca Valdes
Reyna Harding BooM
Ooooh x_x Oscar Herrera
Taylor Hart
Lol, nice twist, but you have to admit it's not convincing. Wrath = Sex hahaha, I'm pretty sure wrath as well as the seven deadly sins have much more to them, much more meaning... I love buzzfeed, but....lame one guys...
Woodstock Fontes
Guess what ?
Sinning turned out to be a good thing Naufal Jalil
This is absurd...clearly all sins r bad and we can create a video on all the bad aspects and have a huge list rather than "stretching" for some insane logic
Chad Spradley lmao
I'm not religions how ever to much of anything is bad but a nice balance of all of these would probably be best
a sS sjf DTYeeees
All of them are good. All of them are me.
Sharla Evans
Read Romans.... :p
Lol....... google mother theresa is bad.
Huang bro turn on ur gluttony
Ian Severtson

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