Definitive Proof That Prom Is Stupid

Definitive Proof That Prom Is Stupid
Definitive Proof That Prom Is Stupid
Published on 10/16/2017
Definitive Proof That Prom Is Stupid


Wow....I had fun at prom. I also spent less than $300 for two years. Why? Because no one needs to spend over $1000 for a PROM! That fact shocked me more than anything else....
Why? Do you plan on failing? Miss hidayatullah nahi hain cies walay Zainab Batool
Ashley Susanne Ritchie Remember "our" prom? XD
Courtney Ventzke
Andrew Gourdeau Jr
Ughh no Fatima Shaikh
Carmen Garcia
Woodstock Fontes
Rosa Mancilla
Mickayla Valenzuela
Josie Gamblin
Marleni Ruby Herrera
Thanks Maika I didn't already hate prom enough ahaha
In the Philippines, we have a senior and a junior prom wahaha..
Carina Anelli
Vanessa Amato
Brent Vilchez
Ya we should have stayed home ate junk food and watched movies
Danielle ST-Denis
Soomin Chung this
Donatella xD por eso no tuvimos, obvio
Noor Goandal i never liked it anywy..a...s..
Eman Hosny
Not going to lie I went to prom all 4 years of high school and loved it!!!
^go study, you have an exam tomorrow. Zainab Batool
Mina Niazi Fatima Shaikh
I hate you both
^hahahahahha xD
Eugene Chua Tina Lee I really dont wanna go....
One reason people do like prom though, is its one of the (usually) rare times they can get very formally dressed up, hair done, etc etc. Although, ive become increasingly more disappointed in some of the outfit choices..
Lauren Pianko Sara Scheidlinger Sarah Elyse Fuchs
Judith Nery Jocelyn Katherine
spent 50$ for the ticket, 70 for the dress. food was included, and we had a blast. i drove my friends to prom, and our most fun prom stories were the ones in the car, to and from prom. i don't regret going to mine.
ahh por supuesto XD
in our school prom has grades, you have to attend no matter what happens, unless you are seriously injured, get sick or someone dies you have to attend, you don't get to pick your partner or the song, you have to dance the same moves in sync with the others, the only time you get to dance with the person you like is in the final dance
Thank god I'm not going to prom this year.
Mariah Nicole Evans Maria May
Tu Dang
OMG. All so true!!!! Andrea Yorkey
Yeah you keep telling yourself that Zainab Batool
Shiza Danish Mina Niazi Fatima Shaikh i dont need to be sad anymore
wa jd ko kasulay ana nganhe... prom king pa ngali unta ko wahahahaha
case AND point*
Harrison Renfro Carson Pair Jackson Hall we started the trend
Edward Hernandez
Maika Seki are you high I love prom
cold feet? Lol Samantha Alexandra Green Mia Kulic Eleni Trialonis #tb to praaam ... cough lame cough
thank god, the fact that my school made a fuss over one stupid night to commemorate the end of a school year is fucking ridiculous. why would anyone want to dress up and dance with people you didn't talk to all year (or like) when you can do something else that you enjoy. its prom, not the oscars, get the fuck over yourself and your £300 dress and £200 limo rental
It's a good thing I didn't go then
Whats a Prom?

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