Decided to let Shanley introduce the Top 5 #NASCAR wanna-bes.

Decided to let Shanley introduce the Top 5 #NASCAR wanna-bes.
Decided to let Shanley introduce the Top 5 #NASCAR wanna-bes.
Published on 12/11/2017
Decided to let Shanley introduce the Top 5 #NASCAR wanna-bes.


Shanley is gonna start helping me introduce some of the these Top 5's so hope that's cool with everyone. You can catch both of us on Jukin301 every Sunday.
Can Ricardo never speak again?
That guy was lucky !
Let her introduce all the time
i like both of you guys :-)..
Shanley is cute :)
Ricardo 2 never speak again
You ever gonna marry that girl ricardo?
Deym shanley so gorg <3
NASCAR is the worst motor sport ever!! Why would people want to spend over two hours watching cars go round a oval track for over 200 laps! It's so boring... V8 super cars and F1 is where it's at.
NASCAR sucks
I will never complain when Shanley is on vid :P she makes Junkin look good! keep up with the awesome Vids JunkinVideo
shanley is <3
Nascar goes in one big circle... this is racer wanna bes.
Ricardo is a DICK!
1 comnt :v
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@race track derby UT omgg@car almost getting flag man way up there
Haha Why Don't let Her just Speak Out Loud....Not All Of Us Can Read
A 1998 Chevy Tahoe
what's the intro song?
Third one is at Bowman Gray Stadium. Used to have its own TV show called 'The Madhouse'
Alex Poli is that you at the start???
Now that was pretty good
Hi (Sorry for bad english)
Manon Lgr guette comment elle prononce mon blaz mddddrrrrrr c'est invraisemblable
love you Shanley
Dear God, I want to marry shanley...
I had sex in my E46 3 series BMW it was an awesome night until the military police woke us up at 5 am lol
Raymon Vehe
Maryse Vincent a la fin ecoute reponse Mini Cooper
Scott Hall your famous
Good ole bowman gray made it 😂😂😂 Jordan Dale Shipley Josh Boat Shipley
Vanderlei Carnetti
Lucas Diego
Phil Do
Chevy Edwards
Amiine Hmd
Welcome To Vlora - Albania
Zach Nelson
Misael Soledad
Anouar 1:05 hhhhhh
Kirby Riggs
Gwennie Michelle Robbins-Ochoa

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