Dear Kitten,

Dear Kitten, There's a new "thing" in the house...
Dear Kitten,
Published on 12/10/2017
Dear Kitten,
There's a new "thing" in the house...


"Dominance..oh my you are not..good at that. It's like your spine just sneezed" 😂😂😂 I love these dear kittens Kristen M Bonelli
I love the "think of a cat, now take away all independence, cleanliness, and intelligence. What you have left, is a dog"
How true.....
Kitties are so much wiser than dogs. This St Bernard is so precious! I want at least 6 of each.
Justin Boston love these videos "the dog is the sort of creature that decides whether it should put something in its mouth, by putting it in its mouth"
😂😂😂😂😂 that made my morning
Haha! 🐶 "pupae it must be French" Sharon Miller Tina Brown Jennifer Simental Kimmie Nguyen
Cats still don't come anywhere near close enough to consider having over a dog.
Leeanne Mason
Julia Abremski
"Was it weird? Yes...but also rather pleasant...don't judge..."
Let them eat it, they'll get blamed and put in jail
Tyler Mulholland
Oh Tim Jul pleeeeeease can I have a pupai!
I love the puppy. I've had 3 Saints and they were all lovable lap dogs. ❤️❤️❤️
Caitlin Guest
So, so true! Love the narrator's voice!
Jeremy Johnson Jeannie Hayes Bill Wintner Kim Wintner Eileen Woodruff-Miller Laura Wintner Samantha Munn Brittney Griggs
Amanda Katie Chris Jena Alyssa Cyndi Tom hahahaha I keep trying to talk Ben into getting a kitty so Charlee isn't so lonely while we're at work!!
Karis Holmstrom Tammie Simard
Nikita Mo mari knt sa mimi la xD
so cute
rofl Love it!!!
Aww so cute
so funny.
omg thats funny as hll
lol, so funny
Super funny
Lookin good Linsey.
LoL...if I go all "ninja-town-crazy," don't be afraid...
love the Dear kitten ads
Sorry, not a cat person, therefore ......
Most awesome cat comemrical ever
Very cute!
Kim Burbank
Jae Barker
love this its so adorable
Antoinette Veronica Allen Maddie Marie Travers 😂
Liz Vrataric
Fionn Aroon Mackenzie
Ninja Crazy Town...perfect
How cute
That blk/wt/grey cat so very pretty.
Cats usually are the boss for sure.

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