Deaf guy does some awesome finger dancing!

Deaf guy does some awesome finger dancing!
Deaf guy does some awesome finger dancing!
finger tutting
Published on 10/19/2017
Deaf guy does some awesome finger dancing!


wow nice awesome i like deaf :) i am deaf too (y)
finger tutting is awesome
So cute
Ohhh waooo génial pro cool
Name of the song? Anyone
Collin Tucker This is cool... don't deny it :P
Wow very nice
Charles consigo até diiixxxx coiixxtaaaxxxx kkkkk #sóquenão
I wanna learn how to do that!
Dylan soy medio deslexsico esto me sale ni de broma
finger tutting!!!
Nicoline, skulle du ik lære det, så har du da en ting mere end at du er 8 dage ældre end mig😂😂
this dance definately kill every girls on a date
Nice one
Finger tutting. ;)
Very clever."
cute and talented nice combo
gang signs lol
If u look closely, it's actually a love story, from like first meet to baby and all that ..
oWwW galing naman \
toothing yeah man i can do that a little bit only.
Very clever
I didn't realize this was a thing
Damn that fingers awesome.
i like him
he's cute
Its called FINGER TUTTING! 👍 awesome im not that pro in doing that im still a beginner 😹 but he nailed it
How is he able to sync the movements to the song if he is deaf?
name song ?
that so amazing
So cool! I like it.
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Điêu luyện quá trời
e is so talented
cute one
Fandme godt lavet
Toooooool extra ordinar
Good talent
Katon, kangenbushi no jutsu
woww!! galing
Awesome 👍🏽
super !!!!
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