Dad of the year

Dad of the year
Dad of the year
Published on 10/20/2017
Dad of the year


Child protective services should be all over that ass. Smh
That is not funny christ .
Süßer daddy Sibel Ergin Gökan Cakir Robert Luft Jorge Nunez Dennis Swi Safiye Demir Ebru Demir
That's pretty stupid. I hope the child is not hurt.
That is not funny
soooo not funny im gonna report this vid!!! seriously
Now he knows, daddy is not the person he can count on in his life.
Dum ass
What a stupid dad
Hanad Addani caruurta ka daa ciyaarta
What the F
Chris Andre Fasseland
Should be called DUMB ASS OF THE YEAR. Honestly what did he think would happen. Lucky for the kid. He didn't crack his head open
Brylan Morlan don't ever do this
Dump Ass poor little boy.
That's is lousy
Felicity Bartlett
that is not funny :@ !! ...
Edward Ramirez
Asmi Khan
Mirka Jubinville-Baril pere de con
Andrew Shipley
Adam Glendinning
Logan Knapp
Sarahi S. Salcedo
Ayo Itz Lizette
He should ho to jail
Someone needs to take that baby away he to stupid to b a daddy
Omg that poor kid hope he was ok after that's a dad really more like a complete retard
Shayra Vaneza
Omg fucking idiot
This is stupid. U badly hit the child
Gwenauvere Gale
What a piece of shit! Who the fuck does this with a child
Oh my god o.0
Aj Frook
Austin Hamilton
Lily Wilkinson
Stupid Ass !
Onur Ünal
Soledad Mendoza Romero 😂
Fuck that dad
He's gotta be the most stupid mofos ever to do some shit like that....smh
Kimmy Kim Kim look at this fool
Stupid mother fu**er! !!!! He shouldn't have even done that !!!!!
Aj AJ NewFb Elliott
Gemma Murphy

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