CUP SONG, CAR EDITION! Vine By: Kaden Vaughn Thompson
Published on 10/18/2017
Vine By: Kaden Vaughn Thompson


u wasting the soda
totally worth it
like if u watched this more than once nd said wtf.
only white people
why.... why would you ruin the interior of a vehicle like that?... just..... why?
R.I.P car , anybody with me?
You guys are ridiculous if you're seriously worrying about this guy's car. Obviously, he wanted to do it. Lol get over it
What people do for likes and attention.
Hell No If That Was My Friend I Would Have Pulled Over And Beat His Ass..Spilling Shit In My Car .-.
what kind of idiot uses coke and not water for something like that
Haha like if you watched more than twice
What a waste of a cold pop....sweet brown would be devastated.
i just can't like this video 'cuz he spilled the soda on that leather seat... :(
bet he had fun cleaning that shit up.
This pains me to watch such stupidity... Now his parents will have to clean that up.
seriously, you just fucked up your leather seat.. idiot
Can I have likes for nothing?
Lol I would kill if someone did that in my car!!
yall are dumb as fuck that shit was hilarious. guess what mafuckas it isn't your car so who gives a shit?! :D
I'd be so pissed if someone did that in my car. lol
why ruin your car like that 0____o
Was it worth it? Was it really worth it?
Why the fuck would u do that
2 hours of cleaning for 7 seconds of glory
just why?
like if you watched this more then one time
Must be nice having rich parents
"bro im gonna fuck up your car, but all the likes will be worth it!'
Why would you just ruin the inside of your car like that...?
this is why aliens whont visit us cuz we are fucking stupid
Fucking idiot no video is worth doing this dum shit.
Razvajeni bogataši !! Boli me kurac kdo razume ;)
like if you watched it more than 3 times
People are so lame and sorry but kinda stupid...why would u want to spill a drink all over ur car just to make a 6 second video that is stupid in the first place...LAME & STUPID
I would not put myself through cleaning all that up for a vine video. Too much time people have on their hands these days.
I would kill someone if they did that in my car
I like trains
Deveria ter rolado um Cup Song no carro do William Santos na sexta... Moscamos :/ Karen Lira, Thiago Cruz , Fabio Gomes, Cássio Lira, Taciely Gonçalves
when people ruin their cars just to make a vine video...
It's a's better now with spilled Coke..
Why would you voluntarily dirty your car with soda just for a 7 second video?
The things people do for likes.
This is why we can't have nice things!!!
dammmit junior. this is why we cant have nice things
is this what foster did with the slushie? Brandon Larson
Not worth it stick car for daysssss
Maria Clara Deocleciano

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