Crazy stunt man

Crazy stunt man, this is cool
Crazy stunt man
Published on 10/18/2017
Crazy stunt man, this is cool


Genial so chöne ome gumpe
Wow !!!!!
Very cool.... more like awesome
He is a free runner
World class tumbler. Look him up on YouTube. He has several amazing videos. Damien Walters
I get tried going to the fridge lol
wish i cud get dressed as quick as him, and here if u cud more like this ud fairly miss the traffic in the morn x
I can flip but damn not like that
Extremely Impressive !
Hurley is more of a sport:D
If they ever make a movie about assassins creed this guy should be the main character
That's awesome
This guy is never late for anything.
I wish I could have his babies
He is a true ninja
You think if this guy was in pro wrestling can anyone in the business top that. Maybe not.
Those aren't stunts, It's parkour.
Good job ;)
Backwards through the cushions was ill
Crazy bastard!!! Why can't he just walk normally!!! Ha
cant beat a bit of parkour!!!
krasava hyli
Wish I could do that :-)
This guy was talent spotted online and was one the main guys in a recent film, he is amazing in person and training smaller kids also. He is a great guy, Damien truely is amazing :-)
waouuuuuuu !!
Han er sku sej
My daughter (she is 7) says "Wow, that is pretty impressive. I wanna be like that someday."
thought about it but too old now haha
pavaro berniukas
Spretten denna!
He is my son`s hero. :)
Alex Suarez This ones cool
Roseanne Nammari Damian Walters is badass & proffesional parkour guy, i think this was the 2010 video he made
well damn
Bet he don't have no problems running from people
Axel Caballero I saw this before u tagged me in it lol
i like the car ones expecially when he gets in the car haha lol
Helt råå !
Calvin Minckler
that's called free running
thats parkour u idiots...
Be a ninja

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