CRAZY L.A. Street Race!

CRAZY L.A. Street Race!
Published on 12/10/2017


Cross center line = LOSE!
Even if he lost the race, he wins in life! wow!
STREET RACE= no dam center line crossing RuLes! The truck won! IF YAL THINK THE CENTERLINE CRAP MAKES HIM LOSE. WELL THEN, THEY BOTH FOULED! Cus the light was RED
The power in that c10. Wow
he may have lost on a technicality... but he fucking raped the shit out of that pusstang O.o
Crossed the center line???? WTF!?!? This is street racing!!!!
We at the ? track
How did the truck win? Idc where you run. If you cross it's a loss. You're coming in the other lane either causing the other driver to let off or more significantly swerve and possibly wreck out. You have to out perform the other driver. Coming into his lane isn't out performing it's interference.
That race was not fair that truck was all over the mustang couldn't even take off be smart people plus that truck had slicks on it! Of course he was suppose to take out
mustang was afraid to be anywhere near that death trap pickup
Rubbing is racing... So the truck wins!!!!!
OK so he lost right when he crossed the line less then 3 feet into the race , easiest w for the mustang
Yup he crossed ...
Once the truck caught traction it was RIP stang haha
love when losers put the winning hazards on LOL
Drag racing is more Car vs Car anyways, whether the truck crossed a line or still did circles on the mustang.
Lots oof power is great - but no good if you can't put it to the ground
Even if he crossed, still haulin it lol
once the centerline is crossed the race is over !!!!
Not worth having all that power. Not fair. Turn it up wankers, Get back in ya mums nissan pulsar. You can never have to much power. Bloody awesome, and fuck the center line
Wow that truck is bad ass! Just needs a driver mod!
Blew past that bitch at the end like it was sitting still.
The truck should br disqualified!!!
He crossed the center-line right at the crosswalk.
Eh idk a chase is a race the stang should have stopped if you wanna call the center line shit
Still one of the best races on 1320
Mustang led off...period.
But talk bout that power. One mean c10
That wasen't close was stupid. He would have done better with the power turned down!!!
Bajas fucking truck
eaaaa woooooo fuck
mamalon fuck
Getm coach
Uffff 👏👏
Man, that truck is fast, the driver almost couldn't control it
Baddass dude
On street racing the only way u loose is by being slower. Wanna have rules go to fuckin track...
So sick
Proof that fucktards exist, and you posted it online, don't be surprised when the police come knocking
Who said let off
He might have lost, well I don't know, but that truck has some major power and the guy has even bigger balls, after that thing fishtailed it twice he still put his foot into it and walked him.
That truck runs like a raped ape
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Dude doesn't cross the line ...he on the line but doesn't completely cross.
Not sure what everyone was happy about? 1000hp or better truck racing a mustang on drag radials and significaly less power...Idiots populate our world.

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