Crazy Facts About Horror Movies

Crazy Facts About Horror Movies
Crazy Facts About Horror Movies
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Published on 12/10/2017
Crazy Facts About Horror Movies


That was stupid to watch before bed
The movie " It " freaked me out for years. I know people who are still freaked out by pennywise the clown.
Love horror films but hate being scared lol
Jolie Benner Travis Recchion Dwight Schendel Adam Benner
chucky still freaks me out I tell u
Ellie Tucker
Vanessa Wilson
Brooke Fletcher Kris Espinoza
Stephen Archuleta
Did you know the girl in the back of the truck in the original Texas chain saw massacre was actually cut by the chainsaw so all the blood you see on her is hers. If you watch it carefully you can see it hit her in her head
Alyssa and you were right, haha
I thought you might like this😃 Jorge Cardenas You're the only other person who loves horror movies
Alyssa: Awesome! :D
Alexandra Diep
Krystle Vozzella
Mikey Altoft
Katie Bowling Waldo White
Charlotte Hancock
Deon MrSolodolo DalZotto
Christopher Badcock
Thomas Hagdorn
Stephanie Rose
Edwin Y. Saints
Amanda Henson Tackett
Daniel P. Coughlin Cara Homan. Just for you!
Evil dead!! Dana Mohamed
GR Alejo
Laércio Barbosa Matheus Gomes
Sofia Warwar
Gabe Santiago
Bruno Subie
I love growing up in the 80's, no PG rated nothing!
I've always hated Chucky ....
Fallon Darko
Willowe Scarlet Grimmins
Thalia Deleon
Alex Kapolka
why is spiderman scary?
Suzy Morales
Manu Barrios
i wont watch this cause i am gonna sleep after couple of hours .. thank god i read the comments :D
Eric Cortez
Bernadette Mays
Jeremy Nash
Alan Brownlow
Zack Van Reese

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