Crazy Drag Racing POV!

WILD POV from KOTS XII! These guys are fearless!
Crazy Drag Racing POV!
bike lol leg feet clutch
Published on 12/11/2017
WILD POV from KOTS XII! These guys are fearless!


Not really impressive
The guy in the white bikes feet dragging is funny.
Balls of Steel....
Shitty shifting
Point of view of someone sitting on the back seat?
Wet conditions on the track is the whole point of the fearless part
Yea super wild...........
Clutch slip, red line, clutch grab, bog, spray the shit out of stock motor with air shifter, see that holding up for a min
Thats tve love ir my life Wright there
Just a typical 1/8 mile pass on a bike no biggie.
Sounds like a turbo bike to me
Good 60ft
Camron Partee
More like stupid.
Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, them some muthafuckin" fooooooolfoooooolz. Dammmm
corte loco lo cauro
Oh come on, 1/4 mile in 7 secs, NEED MORE QUICKER BIKES.
Thats more rice than i want between my legs! LOl
1320 should never comment on any bike video again.
Pick up your feet, moron.
Drag racing is dope but circuit racing is more of my thing
To slow
Real racing right there,
That exhaust fire-spit at the :09 second mark though😳✌🏻️👌🏼👏🏼
don't ever try to comment if you don't know how to ride a bike.. lols.
Hahaha... Fearless?? My husband rides way harder than that for a much longer period of time. Maybe fearless to a rookie who aint used to riding.
Eston Raines that looks fun as hell but scary at the same time lol
Very cool. I suck at riding a bike
He doesn't need to pick up his feet he has an air shift
onlt an 1/8 ?
Fuck that!! Um more than happy with my 105 trap speeds
With the business..
Love the sound
Really? So Rossi, Hayden, Stoner, Capirossi you would call what, "Avengers"?
Fuck yeh!
Malcolm Davis
....look left leg has the stanking leg like you. Lol
That fool with the camera better get that clutch hand right Thomas Carr
Aaron Haag i didnt know you had videos of us on the bikes.
Jaden that's mad as haha

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