Crazy camel

Crazy camel
Crazy camel
camel crazy man
Published on 12/10/2017
Crazy camel


This camel is not crazy its been slathered
He's no crazy, they want to kill him! :(
kill those men
Josefine Christensen
many its going crazy cuase its throat i slit open
Beau Dickson hahahahahahhahaa
Jesse Muñoz
Crazy Fool:
hahhahahhahahhahha lmao
eat this
Eish that was so hot man
Ma one
Thnk god
Cool video
very good camel..
Men are crazy not him.. so cruel
Aray ko po sakit!
watch that
Not funny at all my shit get their ass whooped.
This isnt funny u people are awful
Its not crazy . good 4 the man hu cut the neck camel
Muy bien merecido el hombre,por sacrificar un pobre animal
Poor camel they are hurting him :( :( :(
Ths is not funny anymore..
i hate ths movie, 5 star for verry insane and horrible.!!!
this is not fanny :(
Jeroen Lenoir-Eman

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