Crazy Army Dudes!

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Crazy Army Dudes!
lol army crazy guy don
Published on 10/18/2017
Crazy Army Dudes!
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Don't ask, Don't Tell.
Funny ツ
Omg I laughed so hard! XD
Rouge Summers and Nova Gina im sure you could find use for these guys haha
Jessica Minjares
Brad Usefimo Pedro Sloan
this is old
Miguel Angel Maurin
this is funny i shared it earlier,,,,
Lmfao :D
Fucken faghots
so crazy
it's funny but this is why we can't have nice thing's.
Will Thomas hahaha
I "no homo'd" so hard my eyes watered.
I laughed so hard.hahaha
Nicole Raainbow
desert sun and heat got to them. Love it!
Well ain't that cute!
Shouldn't they be doing something else.. Fighting for country my butt.. Lmao
Hahah armyLads
Ramee Daúd GAY ARMY hahaha
Alonzo Torres lol
Marc-olivier Bureau c toi en Irak ahah
They GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No wonder we haven't actually won a war since 1945. They do seem like good guys though.
Peter Tubene your that black nigga
Gina Lynn lol
Paula Silva
I was gonna join the marines :/ lol
Had to Army.....
That awkward moment when your boss watch this video :P
Sooo gay
This is Crazy - Love it guys, looks like he had great fun making it
welcome to 2013 army folks :)
So funny
When i watch the news they never show this side lol
Don't ask, don't tell...
Anyone who disrespects them shouldn't say shit what are you doing for our country?

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