Corgi Facts That Will Make You Love Them Even More

Corgi Facts That Will Make You Love Them Even More
Corgi Facts That Will Make You Love Them Even More
corgi love dog fact omg
Published on 10/20/2017
Corgi Facts That Will Make You Love Them Even More


Damn queen Elizabeth!!!! ... Your royal corginess!!!
Love these videos that make me happy while I'm dying studying for finals.
30 corgis sounds like the dream
I NEED a corgi, like asap. I have Always had huge dogs (Rottweiler, Mastiff, Chocolate Lab, Weirmeriner sp)
And want a small cuddly one
That's it. Get me a Corgi RIGHT. NOW. Puppy fever madness.
Now do one on how pits aren't bad dogs
I asked the guy sitting next to me if he had any Sodium Hypobromite…
He said NaBrO
So cute! I hope they make a french bulldog video! :)
Easily the cutest breed.
Love my corgi becca boo
I LOVE MY CORGI! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
corgis are cute as fuck like wtf man so cute
Freakin adorable!!! I love corgis so much 😍
I want a corgi! Zoe wants a corgi, too!
Why did those people's corgi not go to the motel with them?!
Greg, you may know a lot of these already, but I bet this video will still make you happy. ;)
I love my Corgi Mix!
Am I dumb or was there only 5 facts?
Ahh love it!! Amanda corgi farm!!! NOW!!! Lol
Omg soooo cute!!!! I love my corgi!!! Great dogs and soooooo adorbs!
My corgi is my special baby girl!
These facts don't change my view on corgi's. Still don't like them.
Yay for Corgis! I'm a proud Corgi Dad myself ;)
Why did I read "Corgi farts..."
Now I'm disappointed.
I love this my parents had two Corgis growing up both were Corgi/German Shepard mix.
I LOVE my Corgi Pancho ! Corgi are the BEST ! Thank you G`d daughter XOXO Corgi's RULE !!!!
Can a brother get a Westie's video?
Corgis get the 'zoomies,' which mean they randomly run around in circles, often around objects. The zoomies are a result of their herding instincts ^_^.
Megan Cole omg! You guys are gonna hold corgis in my wedding instead of flowers!!! Hahaha.
Corgis are better than flowers Kimmie ! You should do that for your wedding ☺️
Kaycee Cangco you'll be that bride who makes your bridesmaids carry corgis instead of flowers
Royce i want one! i love them alreadyyyyy... I don't know why you don't like em.. 😔
Squee. I want 29 more corgis!
Frances Cundiff I see you tweet them a lot, but did you know the facts thoughhh?
Honestly Corgis make me prode to be Welsh more than anything else.
Annie Floyd Blount Floyd - for yalls anniversary, I think you should recreate the wedding with corgi bouquets. (Watch the video for that to make sense.) :)
Tien Le you would make your bridesmaids hold corgis....
sbi s u sya yung sa mr. Bean... ang cute nila :)))
Sharon Ho omg i'm dying. the corgi during the bridesmaid fact UGHH
Damian Taylor just cause this was incredibly cute and you love corgis
I frickin love my corgis!!! Best dogs I've ever owned!!
Corgis are magestic dogs. I love all of them.
Jesus Cruz when I think of corgis I automatically think of you 😄
Bryant Le didnt need this video to tell you that corgis were the best
Michael Babinski whenever I see anything corgi I still think of you. Enjoy.
I love my corgis!!!!
I want one! Now do one on Jack Russells 😀
Maleny lets get a Corgi?!?!:)
Im Jesus

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