Compassionate Touch. .. Tears In My Eyes

Compassionate Touch. .. Tears In My Eyes
Compassionate Touch. .. Tears In My Eyes
Published on 11/20/2017
Compassionate Touch. .. Tears In My Eyes


they are muslims i proud to be a muslim
This infection of humanity should be spread all over world,,everyone must be infected with this so that peace and happiness spread all over world
This video not funny
jazak Allah
if he can't afford fruit how the fuck is he going to afford the electricity to power the fridge? what a fucking crap video.
So impressed
That is really awesome reminds me of a family know only too well
if all people will do like this ,,, than we can make jannat here also,,,, I m really want say thanks to all tem who make this video ,, & social media also,,,, request to all of u ,, that if u can help othere than please make,,,,, bcoz if u spend 1 reyal Allah ,,, will give u more & more ,,,, boz u r using money for other,,,,,,, regards to all of u jai
A humble story a man has a few sents would like to by fruit shoponer gives him fruit that's no more fresh but a good samareten saves his family brings a fridge full of good fruit
i wish we could take care of each others like this
Enas Hadi Deemah Abdul
Like video
God Bless you
Tim Hutton yes you r !! Thanks God Muslims r not like u!!
Masha allha
Subhann allah
subhanallah !! ameen !!
is not very good......machaa Allah
Allah u akbar
God gives you a thousand Afia
Thank you for this video
Vanessa Bejtus
allahoe akbar
God jod and very very humanity
And now let's bomb some shit buddy
if all Muslim is like this what are we killing our self for
this video so fake they gonna give a fridge to a poor family that can't even afford fruit how they gonna afford electrcity to run the fridge, doesn't look like that place have any outlets either....
Salute Them
whom ever said that muslims are bad people they should reconsider. they are human in the first place, i'm a christian and i know muslim people, muslim religion is not about killing in the name of Allah, i've read the Coran too, is similar to the Bible, it teaches compasion, respect for elders, respect for parents, for wife, children, and whom is not muslim, the Coran teaches that you have to persuade the person to believe, not to force or kill him. if u force a person, he'll never believe, and if u kill him, there will remain no one to convert. Is just as same with the christian religion, persuade with gentle words and love not with force or murder...
subhanallah ;'(
now he has to pay the bill
it's not about religion. but it's about humanity
subhan allah
I'm a roman catholic i love te be a catholic
ay unve
this is what Islaam is about :) alhamdulilah...Ramathaan Kareem to all
very nice video

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