COAL ROLLIN' Ride Along!

Hop in with this NASTY Diesel for a pass down the 1/4 mile at the Nebraska Diesel Show!
COAL ROLLIN' Ride Along!
Published on 12/10/2017
Hop in with this NASTY Diesel for a pass down the 1/4 mile at the Nebraska Diesel Show!


Nice try duramax lmao dodge still whooped that ass
Hey that dodge runs 10.5s at 135mph aN still daily driven.... I know the guy that owns it :)))
Looks like this nasty diesels not so nasty.
What's the info on the black cummins? That's what we need a video off..
Blue one runs a 10.5@135mph on street tires Jamin to sirius, with a/c and full cab
Seems like the other truck should be deemed "nasty."
Cummins still spanks it haha
Yep and a good shot of a cummins owning the DMAX lol
Ehhh can we ride in the truck that put that one in the dust?
Shoulda put a duramax-cam on the back bumper of that cummins! Lmao
Gotta love a cummins
Ew....who posts a loss?!?!?
All I saw was a Cummins spanking a duramax
Good thing they had a camera on that GM, or we would've never saw the Dodge!
Durapuke got owned
5.9 ran away
Curious who built that turdbox trans. Flaring like a SOB.
Helinho Jussara
David Johnson lets do this Jaq Johnson won't mind!
still got his ass smoked by a cummins! Blaine Henry Logan Menk
Breanna Tipton
Alessandro Arellano alavergaloco 😂
Just shows the gm bias 1320 has.
Jason Walker
The only thing that dodge has going for itself is that cummins engine the truck itself is fucking garbage
Uhhhh I want a ride in the black one
Richard Valenzuela
Video of a loss? Ha gay
Chris Nesbit
Nick Mease
give your mom her maxipad back to her that cummins just waxed that ass for you
Looks like they shoulda rode in the other truck
Damn that other truck was way faster!
Lmao that sooty cummins is nasty compared to the mild Chevy.
That's Cummins was NASTY...
Guess they wanted everyone to see what the ass end of a ram looks like on flyby.
Why are we posting videos and bragging about a truck that got its ass hole raped dry?
Cummins still destroyed that Duramax lol
Dominic Maza Tyler Hauck Kelsey Pihach Logan Altman and the cummins destroys these chevy boys as usual...
Two less cylinders and still smacks the chevy
Should have been in the other one
All that, still lost to a cummins...
Interesting choice of video that hdp loaded to the internet lol
All I saw was a Cummins! Hahaa

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