Co-Workers Rap Battle Each Other

Co-Workers Rap Battle Each Other
Co-Workers Rap Battle Each Other
Published on 12/10/2017
Co-Workers Rap Battle Each Other


"I am going to go get a cup of noodles" lol
Quinta rocks!
"I'll get an erection, looking at my own reflection." x)
Hahaha "Cats and dogs.. You a frog"
I remember saying this in another video, and this just reinforces my opinion.
Andrew is flat out the best.
"How do you feel?"
"Pretty accomplished"
*Thug Lyfe*
"Your face makes me wanna puke" 😂 why did he say that to her? She was so nice to him.
LOL!! I like how he went to the Black employees for a rap battle first XD
Quinta 😍
Quinta and Chris R should rap battle each other!!! They were my faves!! Lol and Zach at the end was funny :)
More reasons why I wanna work at Buzzfeed. <3
"Cats and dogs. YOU A FROG."
We all know that Quinta won the rap battle, she was the best and is always the best!!!
I wanna see Eugene and Keith rap battle each other!
Uh, check it.
In this world full of cats and dogs, this battle is of mice and men
Let me on this beat with my eyebrows on fleek and I might just win
Like Duke in April I'm taking the trophy
And like Zayn Malik in March I'm headlining every newspaper even if you might just know me
Yeah, that's a reference to that group called One Direction
And if you're lost or lose connection I'm sorry but I have no recollection
Of being your tour guide or your leader
But I got the persuasion of sexy Asian that could turn you into a Belieber
I'm done *drops mic*
We need part 2!!
lol Quinta! I'm gonna go make a cup o noodles.
Between Quinta and Chris. Hahahah
"Cats and dogs, you a frog" haha
Quinta and Andrew. I cry. Best rap battle ever.
"Talk about zayn malik. You think your eyebrows are on fleek. Did you hear about duke. Your face makes me want to puke." Legendary
Best flow is Chris R.
Lmaooooo man i wanna work for buzz feed so bad!
Andrew was pretty viscous, he's handsome too!
CHRIS R. was definitely the best one. He made me go "not bad" lol
Quinta and Andrew should face off
Cats and dogs, you a frog!
Quinta had the best rap
Quinta killed it. Haha dayum.
Quinta wins because of her flawless barzzzz and all around awesomeness
The first match😂👌🏼
QUINTA!!!! 😂
Quintaaa!!! Haha
Quinta and Zack!!!
Quinta and Chris should rap on another video, like for real! They killed it!
that was funny
Hello, Quinta was the best!
Quinta all the way!!!
Don't be lookin' mad that you gotta rap battle. That's what you get for workin' at Buzzfeed!
How he said zayns last name
Quinta totally destroyed chris AND every1 else..lmao xD
Quinta! ;)

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