Civilians Guess Military Terms

Civilians Guess Military Terms
Civilians Guess Military Terms
Published on 12/11/2017
Civilians Guess Military Terms


No soldiers? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Buzzfeed
They forgot fraggo! Should've thrown some phrases too: hurry up and wait. That's military motto lmao
we never called it "balls watch" (at least in my company) but we did say bobbing for cock
Where are the Coasties, BuzzFeed?!
Could they have picked a worse representative of the Marine Corps?
They forgot POG
they should do one where civilians guess what military abbreviations/acronyms mean haha...
Unfuck yourself
This was funny. If they can laugh and they see hell everyday ,why cant we. Folks too serious
"We call that yoga." Lol
Go tell your Sgt, I need a hundred and fifty feet of flight line. And don't forget the batteries for the chem-lights and the keys to the Hummer.
The "milsos" saying "omg I got this cause my boyfriend/husband is in" whyyyy 😭
How could they forget soup sandwich?
FNG is a good one. These are all good. Sad to not see any Army, but my branch is here and represented in a pretty cool way so I'm sharing lol.
Quit complaining there is no army big deal we all fight the same fight they just didn't have any army individuals to represent at the time GET OVER IT
I loved papa uniform 55 Yankee
Why didn't they try "green weenie?"
Uf ever there is a part 2
Tore up from the floor up
unfuck yourself
high speed
full hooah
gaggle fuck
This video doesn't count because 2 of these "branches" don't count and the other one is the one that looks up to the Army...
Good one buzzfeed merica🇺🇸
Tarasia Thompson Bethea you probably don't know none of these
Never ever heard of balls watch lol , I've pulled CQ and Staff Duty , lol but I was army so lol this is still hilarious
Blinker fluid
Just gonna throw this out there. Balls watch doesn't mean anything involving your balls... It's named that because military time, 12 am is "0000". Balls watch, as in there are 4 0's (balls) across the board.
am i the only on who thought barney style was a way of having sex
The Army is part of the military. So if they have every other branch here why wouldn't you include the army?
who ever posted this is fucking awesome!!!!
Lmfao it's great because these are everyday terms in the military and we don't even think twice about using them
Quit watching as soon as I noticed the lack of Army veterans.
What no brass monkey? Or scuttlebutt?
What happened to the Coast Guard and Army..? Pretty sure both of those branches are apart of the US military still
lol. How can you not get that last one?
we need a Part 2 A.S.A.P
Karolyn Bristol do you feel the same way about the "civilians" when Shawn Charles Beattie and Sean Thompson use these terms?
would have loved to share this video on my page...but since I'm a Soldier & the way my ARMY friends are set can do. #hooah
They need to get INTO front leaning rest position and beat their freaking face... Where's the US ARMY PEOPLE AT IN HERE HHHOOOOAAAHHHHH!!!!!
Balls watch refers to the time 0000 for midnight. The four zeros are the balls. Nothing to do with your head bobbing to your balls.
I have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that employed people had no idea what Whiskey Tango Foxtrot meant. I don't doubt it. It just makes me very sad.
Look " point blank" y'all people have costed (go ged right) their lives for their belief for your rights and you "slam" them ...,really get with it or move it really that hard ,go across whatever border and go do your thing for whatever your reason is,stop hating on America and go to that country that meets your one stops you from least to the public,America isn't for everyone and America should look out for itself instead of looking out to be a global crusader(sp?)
Hector Marin I don't know if you remember any of these but as soon as I read the boards I started laughing
"Get some real estate" or "zonk" i bet no civilian knows what zonk means... hell, i bet soldiers forget what zonk means
What no Army Representative...Being the oldest Branch of our nation... What ever,, F.N.G. made this flick...
Where are the Soldiers Buzzfeed?
Nick Holtzman Evan Bernal Jacob Goforth they chose the biggest group of POGs to explain the phrases, of which only 2 are actually used
This is great! Thanks for your service guys (and girl)
Johanna Haygood now if you only what these meant plus our time you would be set for life!!! Dustin Rhodes I hope you know these lol
No Army soldiers, which make up the largest # in the military-screw this!
Haha I know some terms now Jacob!!

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