Ci vuole peso nella vita !

Ci vuole peso nella vita !
Ci vuole peso nella vita !
Published on 10/22/2017
Ci vuole peso nella vita !


I have no problem with women of wieght But why make yourself look so stupid REALLY have some respect for YOURSELF Im not skinny but not going to make fun of a watermelon grow up your worth more than this
I don't think this is disgusting at all. Personally, if I were to be able to sit on a watermelon and break it, I would probably make a video like this too because that's something that a lot of people can't do. Who cares if it's because of my weight, that just means my body type gave me an advantage. Who cares that she's showing her body. It's just her legs! She's covering everything that needs to me covered. When skinny girls post things of them in bathing suits with their legs showing and maybe some of their butt too, no one comments saying "EW!"
All I'm saying is that the people commenting harshly on this video are the ones with the problem because they just don't have enough confidence in their body to know that showing your body off is okay.
That's disgusting you should have more respect for yourself.
Lo trovo di cattivissimo gusto
I actually thought she was going to suck it up.... thank god for that!
That's just wrong! Where is her pride?! She may be big but she is beautiful and she is a woman! that alone makes her something special..too bad people make people like her have such low self esteem that they would do anything for someone's approval. She would not have done that, no matter what her size, if her self esteem was high like it is supposed to be. Sad. It makes me so sad. I've been there and will never go there again. I am woman....a big, beautiful, strong bear of a woman...Hear me words too big to ignore!
Fa schifo
fkn nasty
Boy, ain't that something to be proud of
1minute silence for the watermelon
Αυτή είναι η λεγόμενη αμπελογουρουνα ή μιτατοχοιρος...
she is nasty
Stupid girl. Have some self respect
ha fatto il succo di anguriaaaaaaa ihihihihihihihihihih pero' e simpatica ed e ironicaaa......bravaaaaaaaaaaaaa mi piaceeeeee
Invece che la belen è la balen.
That is not the sort of thing a person should be proud of.
If she can do that to a melon,imagine wat she,d do to ya cock!! :-D ;-) :-( ♥ lol
She killed Kenny!
Fico imaginando ... E se fosse um pinto?
Afonso Carvalho Xico Rocha João Filipe Nildo Silva cum carago ahah
Felipe Rosa Rebeca Fernandes Julia Calixto Isabela Campos Shay Styfler ... kkk
Black persons dream watermelon and a big ass white girl
My eyes,my eyes
Zain Hanif sala thora MOTA...ho maa behan ak karde...😢😢😨😱😲
Shani Khan Adnan Saeed Sohaib Amjad Habib Ahmed Ehtesham Hussain Jafar Sadiq Talha Khalil Umar Rahman
Ayoub Alexandre Babaud Stassi Theo Dziri devinez qui c'est??
Alex Reichert Filip Marković Martin Ciesielski
Ioana Danila
Nidallius Dionysus Radwan Bsata Malek Moshailm Muhammad Kaleh
I may never eat watermelon again.. This was so disgusting beyond words..
and your proud of this?
Why is no one helping her?+
Que buen extractor
meanwhile over 3 million of children die of starvation every year... let's talk about karma!
Feel sorry for any mans nuts under her ha ha
lap dance fatality.

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