Chinese People Try Panda Express For The First Time

Chinese People Try Panda Express For The First Time
Chinese People Try Panda Express For The First Time
Published on 10/19/2017
Chinese People Try Panda Express For The First Time


The young kids act like they know everything. The Asian dude in the grey shirt especially comes off as a complete douchebag and does not have an open mind at all. The older folks definitely give a more unbiased view of everything they try without any pre-conceived notions on what's "good" and "traditional".
What's up with the one guy trying to be such a hater? He came off pretentious and wanted to be the Asian guy who hated everything. Of course Panda Express isn't real Chinese food. No shit Sherlock.
I think it's funny that the older folk think it's better than the younger folk. It makes sense though.
The young guy in the gray shirt is a douche
This makes me want to go out now and get panda express. is that wrong?
"thats why i'm with her" hahaha
The only reason why older folks like these food is that they lived in China, and these food brought back the memories they had over there. The fact that not everyone likes it is because not every Chinese came from the same place. Different areas have different flavors in their food even though it (basically) is the same food. It just depends on the origin of the cooks who made these food. Another thing is that, I don't even think these youngsters actually tried the "Chinese food" which is cooked in different areas in China, so they might have different taste when they eat them. For example, to me, Pho is completely different in America and Vietnam. Some of them can imitate the flavor, but not completely the same due to the missing ingredients, so yeah, it is impossible to satisfy "everyone."
The Chinese Americans are trying too hard to be cool. The elders were less picky. This should've been a blind test. I bet if you put authentic Chinese food in front of the younger generation and said it was Panda Express they'd still hate on it!
The young douche in the gray shirt is trying too hard. He has too much pride. I like how his friend called him out when she said "I don't know why you're talking bad when you eat mcdonalds like everyday." Haha
I trust the old married couple and their daughter more than anyone else in the video. The young group seemed too hipster
The younger Chinese-American kids are absolutely obnoxious. They may have been raised by Chinese parents, but I think the older folks in this video have a more reliable opinion.
Seriously though. I just want to punch those three kids.
I'm Chinese and I love Panda Express. The Asian kid in the gray shirt is plain ignorant. Kid probably never had an authentic Chinese dinner before in his life!
That dude in the middle was trying so hard to act cool it hurt
So technically, the Americanized (young) Chinese people are the only ones who don't like it; yet the elders who were born and raised in China do approve. 😐😑
It seems like the younger generation was trying too hard to seem authentic because they're "Americanized".
It's funny how the people that speak Chinese and clearly are Chinese like the food but the "Chinese" that speak perfect English and clearly aren't from China don't like it and judge it
Funny, I bet these younger kids have never spent a single day in China, and they act like they have lived there for ages and "know" what real Chinese food is all about. I bet it's their way of acting like they know better. I would take the response of the older guys a lot more serious than theirs!
They should of done this as a blind tasting!! Eat it without the knowledge of it being Panda Express. Then see the reaction!!!
Love all of the older ones....and the guy in the grey shirt is debatably the biggest douche I've ever seen on the internet.
The young chinese guy thinks he is an expert in "authentic" chinese food, yet the old people who have been eating real chinese food their entire lives say that they think panda is similar to real chinese. I say that young guy is full a shit
I think part of the asian culture is being grateful for what's on the table. The elders in this video seem to exemplify that better than their younger counterparts even as they are reviewing the food. Much to learn young padawans.
I love how the snotty kids who were probably born in America complaining about how American "white peoples " food it was when it was in fact made in America obviously. Meanwhile the actual Chinese people loved it. American hipster entitled brats. America.
I feel like the younger ones were trying to act like they know so much and started judging it before they even looked at it just so they look super "authentic" themselves. Like they were degrading it so they seem like it's disgusting and not close to Chinese food yet the older ones liked it. The older ones I think honestly critiqued it. But maybe that's just me💁
Notice all of the westernized younger panel had really backwards opinions on authentic Chinese food. And the older panel were giving actual feedback
I can't take the younger people seriously. They went in with an opinion already and I feel like they were dead set on complaining. Meanwhile, the older and surprisingly more open-minded tasters seemed to have gone into this looking forward to the experience, and seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves. I feel they gave their honest opinions. The younger crowd, however, were quite frankly a group of self righteous asshats unable to see passed the point of their own noses. Very disappointing.
I think its funny how the younger kids were all snobby about the food but the parents almost had no problem
I hate how full of shit the younger people were. Almost as if they felt they needed to act like everything is terrible. Is it authentic Chinese? No, but to say its horrible or taste like cardboard is over doing it. I mean come on its rice with vegetables how the hell does that taste like cardboard.
Funny how the young people are all, "Psh, how dare anyone think this is Chinese food, I know everything!" Proof that they are obsessed with the idea of it being bad, rather than it actually being bad.
The next step is to serve the young people the exact same food from Panda Express, but tell them it's traditional Chinese food made at home by a Chinese family. I bet they'll like it then. "Wow, you can really tell this is authentic and home-made. Nothing like that fast-food crap!"
"Low Standards..."
"That's why I ended up with her."
Chinese food cooked by Mexicans most of the time lol 😃 maybe that's why I love it
The young guy was such a douche, he's probably never even been to China because he's second or third generation and guess what, he's also American so I'm sure this wasn't his "first time" eating Panda Express... And obviously Americans don't think Panda is authentic. It's just like Taco one thinks Taco Bell is authentic Mexican food! All this did was make me want some orange chicken...
I find it funny that the young Chinese Americans are being super dramatic. I mean the food that the OGs enjoyed and said were pretty close were the ones that the young kids were like "ohh my gah disgusting!!" Lol
Those young people acted like they are experts on food while the old people actually judged fairly
Kid in grey needs to shut the fuck up
Those are just some Bouji ass Chinese American kids! Smh look at the older ladies giving real critiques. #realtalk I'm Chinese and I like Panda!
I would not trust the opinions of the younger ones because they haven't been around long enough to probably even taste what is authentic Chinese food. They've been in America quite a while any way simply judging from their accent. The older ones I would take their opinion considering they most likely have lived in China all their lives. Their opinions were completely unbiased and the younger ones were just overly dramatic.
The younger Gen was pretentious. The older Gen knows it's just Americanized. I liked how open minded they were :)
The Younger Asians were arrogant and pompous as fuck! The older generation has experienced palates so they know what's up !
No one actually goes to Panda Express because it's authentic. They go because it tastes good. Just like people don't get Pizza Hut or Papa Johns because it's Italian. They get it because it's pizza. Same thing with Taco Bell.
'Low standards' .. 'That's why I'm with her' ... Well, things got real... super quick. 😂😭
You can tell the young kids are up their own ass and have a chip on their shoulder. The older people are more honest and objective, because they don't have blind nationalism and an inferiority complex about white people. They admit that the food looks similar or is even good, whether or not it's exactly like the Chinese variant. These kids embody those racist closet case anti-white assholes that pervade the internet. Congratulations.
How come the kids are giving it shit when the people who actually lived in China most their lives and ate Chinese food every day are accepting it?
The younger Chinese kids were totally snobby like wtf shut the fuck and eat the food the other people were open minded about it
Makes you wonder if the younger ones have become Chinese food snobs, since most of the older ones said that it was good and most could pass. -A
Those asian teenagers try to seem all authentic and think they know everything but in reality they just look stuck up and wannabe haters. Look at the old Canto couple, they're more openminded than those kids smh.
Seriously that asian young guy can eat McDonald's and not Panda?
This actually annoyed the crap out of me.. the older people were very open and seemed genuine about whether it was good or not.. the young people were very arrogant... "if you know real chinese chow mein".. yet the older people say it's authentic..... morons...
I appreciate the older generation's opinion. The younger ones seem a little too jaded to give an honest opinion. I think any person in the US understands Panda Express is not real Chinese food.
The second generation who aren't even speaking mandarin or Cantonese in this vid are the most closed minded. Super pretentious like they had to prove they're Chinese by hating on everything. The grandpa and old ladies liked half the dishes. Granted I'm not defending panda, I personally don't like their food but cmon.
make one of mexicans trying taco bell for the first time lol

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