Chinese People Eat Cheese For The First Time

Chinese People Eat Cheese For The First Time
Chinese People Eat Cheese For The First Time
Published on 10/20/2017
Chinese People Eat Cheese For The First Time


String cheese is their first intro to cheese? Goodness, come on!!!
they actually didn't eat cheese, bc american cheese is plastic tbh
Y'all need Cheesus in your life.
Who cringed when they bit into it?
String cheese is almost more toy than food.
Thats is ? two chinese people eat ONE type of cheese and the video is already over !? The US has way better cheese then that BTW..
The first time eating cheese and y'all give them this CRAP!?
Is that brother orange?
you should make a video of chinese people eating chinese food from the US!
They need to try Wisconsin cheese, real cheese at that.
Mmm cheese curds
I think this is kinda adorable. Makes me wana rescue a puppy and paint rainbows now.
You couldn't have given them like a fancy cheese plate with crackers and veggies and jams? Out of all the cheeses you choose string cheese? Wut.
at least give them proper cheese
these people decided to give them string cheese and in and out burger with cheese for the first time
WHAT!? give them the good shit
lilke some bombass mac n cheese or a grilled cheese ..nachos ..something LEGIT
So let me get this straight. These two men who have never eaten cheese before get their cheese introduction from string cheese? String cheese? Really? Out of all the cheese in the world to choose from you choose the famine food cheese that kids get in their lunch boxes? Really buzzfeed?!
Should've given them an actual good cheese
Hasn't eaten cheese before?!?! That's like a sin!
should have tasted blue cheese -lmfao
But a nice smoke gooda or some brie might have been better.
Chinese people dont eat cheese? and that was probably the worst cheese you could have given to someone whos never eaten cheese.
They are given string cheese? Seriously? There are so many different types that are delicious.
Chinese cuisine has tofu, which is technically cheese made from soy milk (while "regular" cheese is made from animal milk)
Sorry but if you are going to make asians eat cheese for the first time at least send them to The Netherlands where they create actuall rich flavored cheese with love... Don't serve them string cheese or cheddar that's wrong you are ruining cheese for them haha..
Having your first cheese experience be string cheese is like having lunchables pizza as your first pizza experience.
I saw the post's name wrongly like Chinese ppl eat chinese...
.....they have cheese in china...It's just eating cheese on its own is uncommon.
Cheese? That thing? Please!
Brother Orange!!!!
Seriously you gave them cheese for the first time and didn't give them Extra Extra Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese? Even Colby would've been better than String. Ugh. No this video deserves a redo with some real cheese. There's blue cheese, feta cheese, irish cheddar. Buzzfeed this is insulting. lol
They should've given them real cheese!
(Although I could see how string cheese would be pretty interesting if you've never eaten it before.)
They should let them try some Extra Sharp Cheddar, Swiss, Monterey Jack, & Pepper Jack Cheese, too~! That will give them some real cheese flavors. 🍢
except they didn't have cheese. MAJOR FUCK UP BUZZFEED.
If they have never eaten cheese, the odds are that they are lactose-intolerant (which is more common in Asia because they use less lactose products) so they won't digest it properly. The consequences aren't nice ;)
I am Chinese and I love cheese! damn!!!
why did you give them the shittiest cheese ever? how about new york sharp cheddar or some bre? come on buzzfeed! you can do better than this!
String cheese of all cheeses? Really? Dumbest video ever.
First time eating cheese and you give them that shit. Smh.
I thought they were going to try more than once kind of cheese and Chinese people think everything is so salty...-.-
Should've given them a fancy cheese plate with REAL cheese!
All Brazilians eat is cheese so to hear them say that they have never eaten cheese before sounds impossible to me . I was eating cheese immodestly out of the womb .. I swear .
I'm gonna go eat some cheese now .
Lucas Lima
Really... two Chinese men constitute as Chinese people... smh. Get more volunteers!
Is string cheese the best cheese to have someone try for the first time? I don't think so
String cheese, really? FAIL
If you're going to feed people cheese for the first time atleast give them the good stuff
next time, provide QUALITY cheese! geesh!
String cheese is disgusting tho ._.
This is what you offer someone who's never eaten cheese before? I wouldn't even call it cheese. Nice bit of Caerphilly or cheddar would have been better!
You let string cheese be the definition of cheese to them? Brie, cheddar, blue, muenster, pepperjack, colby... I just cant even...
And you feed them crap cheese. Wtf. Of course they won't like it. I'm Asian and I hate string cheese, but I loooooove aged sharp cheddar....

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