Chinese Female Soldiers Parade

Chinese Female Soldiers Parade
Chinese Female Soldiers Parade
Published on 11/24/2017
Chinese Female Soldiers Parade


Attack Of The Clones!
Free tibet
They're all wearing, uh, stuff made in, uh, CHINA!
Almost every single one of these women are absolutely gorgeous! Very stunning!
And this is why we should be afraid of china. This and the fact that we are so in debt to China that they pretty much rule the USA.
And someday they will be marching like that in your front lawn.
Not one eggroll was made that day!
Did any one else notice they were doing the same march as the nazi
They all look the same....
Awesome, very precise and sexy. Or should I say very sexy and precise...Either way awesome....
They can invade and wage war in my pants any day
Da herrscht noch Zucht und Ordnung Ramona Wechsler
Correct me if I am wrong I could of swore that was North Korea's leader
Looks more like Nth Korea
they look like mindless ROBOTS !!!
Tim Kloppenberg dit is nog eens marcheren!!
This is beautiful!
this cool
Arien Kadribasic hahahah "the first screams hahahahha" CHYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK
That is call discipline, something in the west not so many people has
Beautiful !!!!!!!
that's a lot of Chinese women
Can never tell one from the other . They ALL look alike .
Shamus, it is a march. Of course the Nazi marched too, but this is the way a march is working. And this is a march in perfection, by the way....
everybody better calm the eff down before the chinese swat team shows up and regulates
They will break your bone if you cant do it perfectly.
Hassaan Ch ye 1 lakri ki photo copy hain sarii :-D
just slaves :/
this is real Chinese Female Soldiers Parade
I hope next generayions can undressed xDD
im liking the shirts!!!
Galapagos Islands is declaring the war to CHINA, we are waiting for their army to get surrender :) please come.
Wao, a eso le llamo disciplina. Hermoso espectáculo.
...the skirts are a bit tooooooo long...
the 4th Reich Chinese style
Disciplined as were the Nazi party
Did you notice? None of them are fat!! Come U S we can do the same, minus all the fatties though.
the Chinese are trying to create new relationship lets see if it works
هەر وەک لای خۆمان

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