Cheesy Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tots

Cheesy Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tots
Cheesy Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tots
Published on 11/24/2017
Cheesy Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tots


Am I the only one that gets disgusted looking at these bacon wrapped everything videos.
Who has time to individually wrap single tater tots.... you could just top some baked tater tops with tons of bacon, cheese, chives and some sour cream
Brittany Olsen
Dear Cheesecake Factory,
THIS is bacon and cheese tots.
You're welcome and stop selling that shit you make.
Personally, I wouldnt add cheese. I'd just bake the tots w/ turkey bacon and make a cream dip or something.
None of these actually work, the grease just goes into everything the bacon is wrapped around in and ruins the whole dish. Like the bacon wrapped grilled cheese
Oh my god my arteries clogged from watching this...but bacon and tater tots Amy Nguyen
CJ Rattan I'll buy the bacon you get the tots & cheese we're doing this this weekend!!
Has anyone else seen the video where they make the cheesy tater tots and take has brown mix frozen and cubes of chess and form the tater tot around the cheese? If you have do you think that this will work if you make them like the other video and then wrap them in bacon?
When people suggest turkey bacon over real bacon I can't help but wonder where the turkey belly is and why I can't find it at thanksgiving
Yes, everything needs bacon. Cheese and tater tots would be like eating cardboard, yuk!
Made these tonight! Was delicious! Couple minutes longer before you put the cheese on if you want the bacon crispy! Than cheese, transfer to plate and served with sour cream, bacon bits and tops with green onions!
Kathy Burke here you go. I baked mine for 25-30 minutes because I like the bacon crisp and added sour cream as well. They are so easy and so good!!!
Kimberly Hall we need to add this to our list of "things to wrap in bacon" list. Right under water chestnuts and shrimp.
Kathy De Lisle personally I don't think I would like to cover the bacon in the cheese only cause I think it would get soggy
Joy - reminds of the restaurant we went to in Newport that had all types of tater tots! These look soooo good!
Gustavo Nungaray since you like tater tots, bacon, and cheese so much! Haha🐷🍠🍴
Anthony James Fredette Babe, please?!? Lol, this would be perfect for us xD bacon tater tot cheesy goodness, its almost holy.
Wow typical americans id much rather a whole baked potato with sour cream alittle bit of cheese onion and bacon.
Marceal Sosa... Do this without the tarot tots... Frozen string cheese and wrap inside them! Yummmm and use turkey bacon!
That pan should have a good layer of bacon fat after you cook it....something is off here 😒
Everyone freaked out about the one vegan recipe that buzzfeed posted, but notice vegetarians/vegans aren't freaking out about this. Hmmmm
did can u make some food without use bacon.. cause im muslim bro :) so i can't eat bacon.. please make some beef or chiken :)
TATER TOTS ARE FROZEN❄️ When you go buy them in the store they come frozen. Cooking defrosted tater tots- they would just be mush. ❄️
Kim, our 3 favorite things. Cheese, bacon, and tater tots.
The problem with most Americans is the quantities of food we eat. This looks delicious! I would eat only two forkfuls, and then a salad. It's all about balance. If you eat the entire plate, it's unhealthy. I would not bother to use low-fat cheese and turkey bacon. I'd rather eat a little bit of yummy stuff, than a lot of chemicals that taste awful.
Seriously, does BuzzFeed only know how to make shit with bacon and cheese? I know those are the cornerstones of the American diet, but damn. I'm just bitchin' from a variety standpoint.
I love how there's literally NO grease in that foil pan after the bacon has been cooked up.. I call bs.. Lol
I'll fry the bacon, cook the tots, and then wrap the tots afterwards.
Where's all the grease?? Do they have a special kind of bacon that doesn't make geese when u bake it??
You guys really need to stop warping bacon around food. High cholesterol, clogged veins, early heart attacks.
I have had these made with brown sugar sprinkled over them after baking instead of cheese and they were awesome!
You have to make sure you get GOOD bacon and dump the grease often. Other than that it is DELICIOUS!! Oh yes sour cream scallions and bacon bits on top
Looks delish, I've found some bacon made by Hormel w/ no nitrates, all natural ingredients, not expensive either....
That's a lot of work to do that per tater tot. Makes a lot more sense to lay the bacon on top of all the toys then cheese it but that's coming from a person who needs to feed 6
My thought was to shred potatoes, mix with shredded cheese (your choice-mine is extra sharp cheddar),and an egg to hold it together if you think you need it, salt and pepper, of course, .. pinch a bit, roll up in the bacon....and bake or fry... I would leave off the cheese sauce and let them be finger food to eat on the way to work etc.
Thanks, I probably never would have figured out how to wrap bacon around a tater tot and melt some cheese. Tonight I finally won't starve.
For someone like me who loves potatoes, bacon and cheese, this is just cruel because I know if I eat it, I'll have to make a run to the ER! Heart attack city, man!
tater tots and bacon. I know you don't like either, so you'd probably hate this! oh and cheese, cheese isn't any good :P Steven Cooper
Is it just me or should it have gone like this: cheese, tater tot on top of cheese, then wrapped in bacon lol that would have been so much better
These taste so much better with a jalapeño slice wrapped with the tater tot and deep fried then sprinkled with cheese and bacon
That would look really good if it weren't for the cheese and the potatoes... Oh, I just want some bacon.😁
Looked pretty good before the cheese!! Maybe a dash of Parmesan and some herb sprinkled on top could work!
Most of the food stuff I've seen by buzzfeed and Tasty seems like food you would make when you have the munchies😂 I love it
Im learning how to make broun sugar. Mult vinegar bacon brussle sprputs when i know for a fact more americans would eat these then the famcy shit i make at school.
I will have to try the cauliflower tater tots instead with vegan cheese for Jakey...
Oooey gooey, cheesy, bacon, tater tot goodness, and I can feel my arteries clogging up now. Arrrrrrrrggghhhhhh !!
Jay Pauling entire meal plan. Criss cross jay and Alex bread, with a side of jay's cheesy bites wrapped in bacon 😍
Amber dad and I do those but without the cheese dad loves them me not so much I can take them or leave them
Mary-Ellen Doherty,
Yes, a slightly different presentation. The cheese was wrapped inside the bacon. Then each one had a toothpick. They looked like scallops wrapped in bacon. Very tasty!
Looks good, but I'm curious bacon, tots, and cheese. Just to make it healthy I'll put a little bit of greens on here. Lol
I think maple sausage with 2 pieces of Bacon side by side..wrapped around the Link..would be jammin!

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