Check Out This Motherlode Of Mother’s Day Facts

Check Out This Motherlode Of Mother’s Day Facts
Check Out This Motherlode Of Mother’s Day Facts
Published on 12/10/2017
Check Out This Motherlode Of Mother’s Day Facts


Dear mommas: you rock!
The mariachi singers on the grave made me sad but all the more grateful for my mom. I love you mommy!!
That isn't a Mexican Restaurant, you have a wrong image of us.
Also Mothers Day was a ceremony for Anna Jarvis' dead mother in West Virginia on May 10, 1908, which is how Mother's Day came to America (:
Happy Mother's Day!!! Straight from tokyo🇯🇵
I thinks it's really sad that Mother's Day is the busiest phone day of the year but on Father's Day it actually drops.
How about we make our wonderful mothers feel special everyday not just one day 😊😊😊
Mothers Day was established by Anna Jarvis in WV, for the American culture.
Thank you Mrs. Hagers 4th grade end of the year project. That's literally only reason I know that
Happy mother's day guys! Greetings from the Philippines! 😁
Lol! I loved the way you pictured the restaurants in México. I mean, of course we have restaurants like that here, but we also have the fancy ones and that's where we celebrate mom :)
Buzzfeed, a baby over 12 months old doesn't cry like a newborn. Whoever made this video has obviously never changed a diaper lol.
Heck yeah they do! Moms are such a blessing 😄 Happy Mother's Day Everyone :)
That mexican restaurant looked so awkward, despite the fact that I'm mexican and I have never been to a place like that
i thought this said mother chode XD
Reads "Motherlode" instantly thinks of Sims
You...are my blessing love.
In Chile is the same with restaurants, you seem pretty racist with that image...
How about Anna Jarvis who founded mothers day?
Every mother could use a Ctrl + Shift + C mother lode ;)...
Juicysol Mejia love u mom
Happy Mother's day
Deserves more than billion $ happy mothers day to every lovely mom..may u live a happy life forever.. I Love <3 u Mom
Interesting 💕
We had Mother's day back in March here in the UK. Mother's should be celebrated every day everywhere 😃
I LOVE YOU MOM <3 <3 <3
And don't text your Mom... call her, wants hear your voice
Ive never seen mariachi's at graves. It is a possibility but it's not common nor a tradition over here in Mexico.
Shout out to all the moms lovin that mommy life! ✌🏾️
On mother's day i am starting out by cleaning up everyone's mess
Smh the commercialization
Most restaurants in mexico don't look like that haha
They deserve being treated like queens every day not only for one day!
Dealing with our crap? Sorry you didnt wear protection. Mother's Day is all for marketing and making money.
Being a mommy is the best thing :)
LOL with the Mexican restarurants, I imagine me tellin to the girl that smiles: "Can you give me an alfredo fetuccini pasta with frijolitos and tortillas hechas a mano" :v
We have "changarros", "cocinas economicas", "antojitos" restaurants (like the video), fast food restaurants, and normal restaurants like every country in the globe.
#JustSayin :v
So it's really all about how much we spend. Boo
Thanks heather!
Interesting trivia. I loved it.
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I want the band!
Happy one for us!
Which mother day is that????? why isnt there 1 day for the whole world
I love u mum
Hi :)
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Wed Nawab i still dont get why we have mother day in march and they do in may? Keef tayb !
thank you yossi! I take. this as a complement.....well, sort of.
call me kid!

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