Change The Way You Watch "A Christmas Story"

Change The Way You Watch "A Christmas Story"
Change The Way You Watch "A Christmas Story"
Published on 11/17/2017
Change The Way You Watch "A Christmas Story"


24 hours of a Christmas story!!!! It's coming!!
The only Christmas movie that can compete with National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra rahhhhhh🎶🎶
I love this movie! I will NOT change the channel during the 24 hour marathon! 😛
Love this movie...deck the hars with bars of Harry....
Parag Sharma.... Everyone is talking about watching this movie multiple times... I didn't even know it existed until just now
Ah, but how many of you have actually read Shep's stories? Check out IN GOD WE TRUST, ALL OTHERS PAY CASH, (available @ amazon) where all of the A CHRISTMAS STORY stories first appeared in book form. I listened to Shepherd's radio show on WOR-AM in New York for years when I was a kid, & even saw one of his live one-man shows in Red Bank, NJ back in the 70s. The man was a gut-busting, whirling dervish of stream-of-consciousness insanity, some of which we could sure as hell use today.
I love that movie. My parents have made it a modern traditional to play the movie 8n the background in mute while we do a small family gathering. And let me tell you it's the best movie you'll ever watch. ☺
I don't want to change I watch this movie........ Classic movie....
It isn't Christmas unless I watch this movie.
Greatest Christmas movie ever!!!! And this coming from a guy who did have his eye shot out with s BB gun !!!!
Timothy Zachrich Lauren Zachrich Zack Zachrich we should go to that house
Ron Jr Crane
Betty Mae
Sergio Delgado
Gisela Chavez
Isaac Bo Benavidez
John Segovia Robert Segovia Sr. Matthew Segovia Gloria Segovia Robert Jr Segovia Steve Segovia Ralph Hurtado Vanessa Segovia Gary Cook Sr Tiffany Segovia Kristi Segovia Darlene Segovia Hurtado
Elisa Lianna
And I'm still watching the 24hr marathon over and over every year. Lol
Best Christmas movie ever. Second favourite is the grinch with Jim Carey
Lisa Reimer
Jorge L. Antonio Jose Ivan Delgado Jessica Delgado
Kellie N Carlos Hernandez Patricia Farell Milligan Robert Milligan II Robert Milligan Linda Fanning Milligan Victoria Milligan Ralph Milligan
Stephanie M Miketich Rickard Lisa A Miketich Margaret A Miketich
William Pitts Jackie Bare Sorensen Anthony Sorensen
Tim Hay Charles Hay Kailin Hay Kimberly Esquivel
Yadhira Gonzalez-Taylor Tanairi Taylor
Mona Hang Miguel Martinez Theiry Chea
Michael Beckett Sr Michael Beckett II Caitlin Beckett Patrick Beckett
Cari Biggers Vidal Linda Friend Biggers Casey Biggers Dad needs to watch this!
Sheila Meehan, Michael Knutsen
Adrienne Gonzales Alyssa Gonzales GUYS. THIS IS A THING.
Randy Whitecotton Angela Whitecotton
Kim Byers
Candeda Kelly Randy Kelly Kylie Kelly Linda Kelly
Jack Henderson, Joanna Henderson just in time for Wednesday night!
Brent Warner
Emily Maclin Jimmy Maclin our lives at Christmas
I want that bunny costume well maybe bedroom outfit either way I want it :-)
Cody Youell watch dis
Angel N Rosio Garcia watch this!
Dee Riccio
Laurie Brzozowski Rudd
Lisa Marie
Sergio and Toni this explains the tongue on the pole!!
Alanna Jerome 😄😄
Mary Hamilton Hile
Angie Spiva Van Gorp Dana Spiva Ellison
Ricky Whitney
Jim Nasir Diana R. Taylor Kim Dannenberger Matthew Dannenberger
Sydney Ruiz

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