Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Latino

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Latino
Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Latino
Published on 12/10/2017
Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Latino


More like celebrities White people didn't know were Latino
Luis C.K was a white guy who lived in Mexico .. Yeah that can make him Mexican if was born there but it doesn't make him Latino
You BuzzFeed are fucking obsessed with Asians and Latinos. THEY are AMERICANS just like the ones from Irish descent. Give me a break. EDIT: I'm not mad, but from a European perspective, watching all these patronising American media constantly profiling "latinos" and "asians" as Non-Americans (simply because they are not white as an American from Irish, German, Norwegian or Polish descent) is frankly ignorant and repulsive and you guys shouldn't be OK with it. Good night from London.
How come Cameron Diaz is never mentioned in these lists? I read she was half Cuban.
It's obvious Demi Lovato is Latina.
And seriously zoe saldana??? I mean the woman screams Latina -.-
I love this! As a cuban/hispanic its sooooo damn annoying to hear your Hispanic but your white! Ugh yes I'm Hispanic yes spanish was my first language yes there is such thing as light skinned blue eyes blonde hair Hispanics!
Um how did people not know Bruno was latino?
when buzzfeed asks me if I knew that all those celebs were Latino but I didn't even know half of those celebs😂
EVERYONE HELP ME REACH 1K likes, for an explanation look at the comments!!!!
The only REAL Latino here is Oscar Isaac!
Well of course I knew Howie from Backstreet Boys was Latino because we were married back in the day. I watched every documentary about them on MTV and I cried like a little biyotch when their video for "Shape of My Heart" was retired on TRL
So living in Mexico made him Latino. Hmmmm
Next buzzfeed video "celebrities you didn't know were white"
This post it's so racist!!! The latinos don't look the way you think we do. Latinos can be caucasian, there is a lot of them.
When you say you're Latino and don't speak Spanish or really know about the culture. You should keep it to yourself. You're not Latino.
Latinos recognize Latinos yes I knew all these celebs are Latin
"Half Irish, Asian and Mexican".. That's so latin.. Nah more like "Mulat".
How many of these celebrities actually mention, acknowledge and celebrate their Latino/Latina heritage?
I see what you did there BuzzFeed. You mixed "Celebrities you didn't know were latinos" with "Latinos You didn't know were celebrities" 👏🏼👏🏼
I think it's ridiculous to say you don't "feel" latino because you're white. I'm white and 100% Mexican and have never once felt out of place in my country because of the color of my skin.
They're celebrities? I didn't know who half of them were... Who are they?
Buzzfeed I love you guys, but you dropped the ball on this one
Quit telling me what you think I don't know BuzzFeed.
Just because you lived in a latino place doesn't make you latino....
More like celebrities anybody who knows anything knew were "Latino"
Now you understand that can be white latin american people! yes "Latino" or "Hispanic" Isn't a race
Zoe Saldana is also Puerto Rican. Come on buzzfeed gives us all the facts.
*Celebrities we don't care are Latino.*
This proves Trump wrong. Look at all of these talented entertainers with Mexican parents. I knew all of these people were Latinos though. Good video.
Title should be: "Celebrities You Didn't Know We're Celebrities."
This should've been called "Celebrities who are part Latino...a little bit...on their mother's side...once removed". Fail, BuzzFeed.
More like celebrities who.... wait, who are these people?
I'm surprised they didn't include more afro-latinos like Gina Torres or Melissa De Sousa it's celebs like that people don't know are Latino because theyre black
"Celebrities you didn't know were Latino"
*shows Bruno Mars
...you don't say?
More like celebrities that most people knew were latino
it's sad that Bruno Mars had to change his name because the media would not accept him or his music with his Latino birth name
I already knew Bruno Mars was Latino
If you're Mexican you're Latino, if you're born in Mexico you're Latino because you were born in a Spanish speaking country
Where's Faizon Love and Cameron Diaz?
Celebrities I didn't care were Latino. Didn't watch just wanted to comment.
Celebrities?? That's a stretch..
Well I kinda surprise that Demi Was LATINO!
A good amount of these celebrities have been on or in Latina magazine & a good amount do interviews about them being Latino/ Latina talking about their heritage.
They look Hispanic/Latino lol not surprising ...this was dumb.
Well, teling us that Demi Lovato is Latino is like a huuuuuge surprise. Next it's a surprise that Gomez is a spanish name.
I thought that buzzfeed just posted a video of the difference between Latino, Hispanic, and Spanish.... -_-
How come Jewish was placed in here, as if it were race?
More like celebrities I didn't know
Did I know they were Latino? No.. Did I know who most of them even were? No...
Bruno mars is hawaiian.. Not latino.

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