Celebrities: With Vs. Without Makeup

Celebrities: With Vs. Without Makeup
Celebrities: With Vs. Without Makeup
Published on 11/17/2017
Celebrities: With Vs. Without Makeup


Can we just talk about how Emma Watson is perfect?
I love how positive this was. Often when you see these comparisons they're labelled "shocking!" Or "hideous!"... When in reality, they just look likw average everyday people and thats not hideous at all.
Kim looks actually better without makeup right?
the Aniston pic was not flattering at all
I glad it was pictures of them still being beautiful and not face shaming
"We couldn't think of a pun..." Lol
Jennifer Garner looked the best tbh
Just goes to show all of us try to live up to unrealistic goals of beauty.
Emma Stone doesn't need any makeup. She looks great without it.
No nasty comments, all were kind and complementary... BuzzFeed? You made my day and set an example, an amazing one
jennifer Aniston has make up on. its suppose to make her look unhappy, unhealthy and tired. it was for a scene in "cake" her new movie
Shout out to buzzfeed for not shaming these celebrities for not wearing makeup all the time because they are normal humans like us.
Most are still wearing make up. Just not the amount they would wear being seen on the red carpet.
Emma Watson? More like Emma Wantsome uh dat.
That picture of J Aniston with out make up is from a freaking movie where she's supposed to look like shit. They had to put a lot of make up ON her to make her look bad. That's how beautiful she is.
I love that you guys didn't purposefully look for bad pictures like the rest of the fucking media.
Am i the only one who thinks most of them are way more attractive without makeup?
Omfg they're human! Most of them looks better without all that shit caked on!
The only one I feel bad about is Jennifer Anniston :( that's not her without make up that's her with A LOT of make up to look like a crash victim for her upcoming film
That "no makeup" picture of Anniston was actually during filming, when she was made up to look like that.
Still love the Jennifers 😍😍😍
The Jennifer aniston one is of her in Cake. Not make up free.
Really? Jennifer Aniston has makeup on for her part in the movie Cake. Pretty obvious by the gigantic scar they added. They put scars put on her face, wrinkles, and dulled her complexion. Someone did no research at all.
Emma and Chloe barely change lol
They are all still wearing makeup you can tell by their eyebrows... But all very pretty never the less
Jennifer Aniston looks better without makeup.
How many times do people have to be reminded that photoshop and makeup is a thing? No one looks as perfect as they do in a magazine or on TV. Can we move on from this topic already...I could understand if this was some years back but we aren't so ignorant anymore, most people no longer expect celebrities to look as impeccable as they do on-screen or in print when seen in person.
Maro Shrief كلمتين من نوعيه اثار فيديو يجمع صور بعض مشاهير هوليود بماكياج وبدون ماكياج سخريه الكثيرين على مواقع التواصل اﻻجتماعى
وممكن كمان تزودى حاجه على الفنانات المصريات وتخلى القارئ يقارن :D
Bueno lo importante es lo que tienen en el cerebro, ja ja .Pero si yo fuera artista no me dejaría ver desarreglada ni por equivocación
In my own opinion, the caption should be 'before they become celebrities & after they become a celebrity'. Anyway jennifer aniston is really awesome. Loves her movies and her facial fetures. Do you know how old is she and she still look this amazing? You would be amazed.
Seen most of those ladies without makeup and for most I think they're more beautiful without the makeup to be honest
Why do ppl have try and shame celebrities either without makeup or eat hamburger their NORMAL PEOPLE, just like us.
Aniston horrible!!
I am sooo supriced that they look like ordinary ppl. wow
lol, the picture showing lindsay without makeup looks like kristen stewart.
Kim Kardashian actually looks a lot better without make-up
They all look normal.
Nice video. ;3
I love how this was NOT a shame video and it was souly there to make everyone feel pretty!!
Finally something that isn't shaming on celebrities without wearing making and being themselves. Kudos to Buzzfeed! This is now one of my favorite videos and trust me, I've watched mostly all of them
This shit needs to stop.
Aniston looks like a fucking zombie without it
jennifer aniston without makeup looks like my mom
Jan Mönnink
they were beautiful with or without makeup
I wish the no makeup pictures weren't way younger versions of them.
Lindsay Lohan, Emma Watson, Emma Stone, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Cara Delevigne, still look good without makeup (:
BUT let's take a minute to acknowledge how perfect and flawless Emma Watson is !!
P.S.: I think she may be a unicorn lol
Honestly... Not all of these "without makeup" shots were without makeup, just lighter styles of makeup.
They all look Better without makeup
Emma Stone ❤️

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