Cats Vs. Babies

Cats Vs. Babies via America's Funniest Home Videos
Cats Vs. Babies
Published on 10/19/2017
Cats Vs. Babies
via America's Funniest Home Videos


Whyyy do cats jump on babies like that lmfaoo
People be like "this is why I hate cats" while I'm over here like "this is why I dont like babies" lol
Get the cat out of the tub you irresponsible pill of human flesh!
Why are we presenting this like its something funny??people should be teaching their children from a young age to respect all animals... Not filming them while they bounce on them and pull them into tubs.
Um those kids could get some serious infections from cat scratches or bites. Ill be damned if i had a cat around a young child like that.
Dogs all the way.
Cue the trolls with the cats are evil comments....
Cats are the best 😂👌
Judging from some of the outrageous comments, many of you shouldn't have pets or children if you aren't capable of using common sense or being a responsible pet owner and parent. Lol
This just proves how big of jerks cats are.
Fuck...everyone with their conflicting points of view. This is what's wrong with everyone. We can no longer enjoy things for what they are when they're JUST MEANT TO BE ENTERTAINMENT. There's always someone who sees the wrong in something when there's no serious implication at all. Give the video a like or just unfollow buzzfeed. Everyone gives no fucks about your opinions.
Cats are fabulous.
This is why dogs are better. 🐶
Well then idk about a having a baby around cats yet..
What arseholes letting them pull the cat into the bath! The poor thing was frantically trying to get out and then when they showed it again the baby hit the cats head off the bath! That's not funny nor does it give the baby a point it's not safe to have a pet around children if they don't know how to behave around them!
This is not funny at all , letting ur child pull on any animal and not teaching them compassion, ur disgusting human shame on u !
I love cats but i love my babygirl more that's why i don't have any animal around her
All this is not funny. What the fuck?
I wish one of my cats would jump on my kid like that!!
Oh please. Like dogs don't knock down kids and tackle them too. I agree some of the videos looked like the cats were actually attacking though. Quit getting so butt hurt over nonsense.
I dnt find this amusing in the least. Im not cool with any animal that would react this way around my child..most cats are not as warm and cuddly as people think, theyre actually cruel and unintelligent animals...its always best not to have animals around your child(ren) period until they are old enough to understand how to act around them...
Cats are assholes
This is why i hate cats
Cat: sit down tiny human
Why did that person just film their baby falling off the bed and do nothing to prevent it
And that's why Dogs are the Best! ^.^
Those parents are irresponsable morons.... Cats are good pets but they must be treated with respect, so therefore, morons cannot teach that to there offsprings because it's something they don't acknowledge!!!
Half of these videos explains how you train your cats to act around babies. Heather Neidlinger lol
My cat used to do this to me all the time when I was little. It was really funny. The cats do it to play, they don't use their claws, because they like you.
Stupid people allowing a baby to terrify a cat by letting the child pull it into a bath or sort on it or jump on it. When the baby gets hurt is it then the poor cats fault, or a dog for that matter! !! No! Stupid people! !
Oh man... I love cats. I really do! They are my spirit animal. Hahaha
Don't think babies should be able to mistreat animals! They don't know better but the freaking parents do!
Love cats
This is not safe nor funny!!! Cat are dangerous they could of really hurt the babies!
Most of the cats were like, "you're the reason why I get half attention, half love and half peace of mind now. Ever since you were born, this house is a mess and loud. Now, I have the chance to get my revenge!" Lol
Seriously, everyone is freaking out about the kitten in the water, but no one is the least bit concerned about the multiple cats ATTACKING the babies. if it were a dog, people would be calling for the dog to be put to sleep, and the parents would be called irresponsible for having a pet that attacked a baby. People are on here talking about educating toddlers on not running in the vicinity of a cat, where are your priorities people? Toddlers running is part of their human development.
ohhh yes i loved how the bby got revenge and pushed the cat in the water... kitty you need a bath
I always thought so but this confirms it: Cats are evil.
Madison Sims, seeeeeee??? Pure evil.... who beats up little innocent children? I'll tell you who! Satan's spawn! Them damned felines! They're no good...
Cats are JERKS! lol
Cats rule babies drool!
Cats forever ❤️
These cats are viscous lol
This is why children are hurt by animals, because they are allowed to disrespetct them and treat them whatever way they want to. Then the animal is found wrong . The adults are wrong but they would never admit it. Then the animal is put down or dumped. And they would be very wrong for that as well. I am finding out how stupid and uncareing people can be.
This is great. Finally cats get back at little kids. I couldn't stop laughing
Cats <3
Why are ppl being so butthurt, its just babies and cats, get that stick out of ur butt
Omg why do the cat act this way?
😒.. That's why we have fishes. Lol
I see no humor in this - that cat wouldn't last long around my babies.
time to get rid of that cat.....thinking more of the cat than the children

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