Cats Getting Stuck In Stuff

Cats Getting Stuck In Stuff via America's Funniest Home Videos
Cats Getting Stuck In Stuff
Published on 12/11/2017
Cats Getting Stuck In Stuff
via America's Funniest Home Videos


Lmao cats are hilarious. Curiosity is definitely their downfall some days. Hahahha
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I wish my cat would get stuck in something ._.
My cat is just lazy.
reason number 521846235935649 why i love cats
I'm waiting for the 'ZOMGZZZ ANIMAL CRUELTY' comments.
Usually I'm like, "Awww that is so cute!" But to some of the people video taping these videos, "Why won't you help the poor thing!" is the first thing that crosses my mind. Like the cat in the window... How the hell did it get there? Someone had to have shut the window while the cat was in there. Just my opinion. The others were cute though!
Purrfect. Fur real.
My cat Louie had the plastic bag chasing him too! Poor guy was traumatized for life! He runs when he hears a plastic bag now 😕
I want to know how the cat got stuck in the hangers.
This song gives me anxiety
Don't find cats being stuck funny
Not very funny! Sure cat at end couldn't breathe in that jar :(
You laugh but my boyfriend found his lab dead with head stuck in a chip bag, suffocated to death the poor thing.
help them instead of taking out the camera!
I'd like to stick your head in a box of scorpions then film you as you run around panicking.
up next: dogs getting stuck in stuff. O.o
This is why I always crush empty cans before putting them in the recycling! But the other ones are cute😀
Ashley This makes me thing of Zoeyyyyy. Haha I never got to meet her but that cat didn't seem very bright. Hahah
why are they not being helped out !
LOL...the hamster ball!!
Pop it, don't drop it!
Pains!!!! :-)
Not your best work.
If you notice every cat in this video had a similar thought process.... Oh man I have made a mistake lol
ALMOST makes me miss my cat....but not quite lol
cats are funny,cute,dumb,and very mean!
Aww I was just about to share this with you Alex Vidler but then realised you already commented on it thus making it appear on my newsfeed...
A lot of dogs and kitty die suffocating on treat and bags. 😢
he he made me crack up so awesome
Reminds me of savannah and the shopping bag
Cats are so cute 😻 haha
I can imagine both rome and leo doing this
Did not enjoy watching the poor cats all stressed out
This actually kills.
You know what they say "curiosity killed the cat" 😅
Sara Levendusky
Oh my god I laughed so hard at this 😂😂 hahaha cats are the dumbest
don't like
The cat and the bag was the best
Cats are awesome!!! So funny!!!
This just made my day😂😂<3
Berta Yousif not gonna lie... They are entertaining to watch
so kyoot
curiosity at it's best ! LOL
Aww poor babies! So cute though.
kkkkkkkkkkkk mas são uns bagunceiros fofos mesmo....amo! ;)
cute yar

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