Car Vs. Bike: Duking It Out In L.A. Traffic

Car Vs. Bike: Duking It Out In L.A. Traffic
Car Vs. Bike: Duking It Out In L.A. Traffic
Published on 11/19/2017
Car Vs. Bike: Duking It Out In L.A. Traffic


I'd rather waste 5 minutes of my life and take the Ferrari..
Professional cyclist and she works at Buzzfeed. Nice!
By the title you could tell the bike was going to win
Silly buzzfeed, the best way is in a motorcycle, beat traffic, without getting cramps
Without even clicking play I had to say the bike would win. LA traffic? C'mon.
She's hot
They took two different routes, he was sitting in traffic while she barely encountered any cars at all.....
Which means the title is misleading, and the "test" proves absolutely nothing.
Thanks for taking those 4 minutes of my life Buzzfeed
yellow horsey on the front, haha
I hate bikers on the road - they slow everybody down, they get in the way, and they simply don't belong there. The road is for cars. Either the city (any city) needs to construct better biking lanes/paths or these cyclists just need to stick to the MANY bike trails and paths around pretty much any major city.
I can't stand it when you're crawling along a highway (I'm in Atlanta) and finally it turns out there was some asshole cyclist just riding in the middle of the road and cars have to wait until they can pass around them with no oncoming traffic. It's absolutely infuriating and I can't believe it's NOT against traffic laws.
First comment, I win n00bs
put two people in the car and two people on the bike
Andy bell from nitro circus ? Looking real old 😳
Agora ce acredita???
I would still rather have AC, a steel and carbon fiber enclosure surrounding me, and no bike shorts in my ass
Fuck. I'm late for first comment. Owh well. I didn't even watch this video and commented here out of adrenaline rush. Like this if you've been there before for "likes". :P
They always have an agenda behind their videos, I swear.
This cold be fixed very easily by starting this race at rush hour with no car pool
Road rules pls...
Is this not what Top Gear has done for years? That's original...
I hate when celebrities own fast cars and don't have the respect to at least learn about what their driving. As a petrol head I approve the car and shame on the driver.
that's one sweet bike but i'll take the ferrari
If your stunt man had driven on Route 27 to PCH to the pier like the Bicyclist did he would have beaten her. But by taken 101 to 405 to the 10 to get to the pier of course she's always going to win.
That bike is easily $10k
Go girl! Those legs!
That's L.A. Traffic to them? Haha.. try driving on the freeway around 5:30-6pm. Even the main streets are jammed.
i prefer when top gear does it
I'd take the Ferrari all day everyday over the bike I don't care which is faster!!!!!(or better for the environment)
the ultimate driving machine/bike
First the car had traffic the bike did not
Bitch, please... Come To Mexico City.
Try this one on the streets of downtown Chicago
Um i just noticed camel toe...
Am I the only one to notie the time elapse contradiction at the end ...
Cyclists ride like jerks because cars drive like assholes. Being cut off while going 40km/h isn't something we take lightly.
Or buy a motorcycle...
I mean, if you live in LA... you kinda know... even a pedestrian is going to beat you to the finish line in traffic.
Probably what took the longest was finding a parking spot.
I'm wondering if these people writing "i'll still choose the 458" will still choose a vehicle if it were a piece of shit car. 😂
😂 bicycling all the way.. & cheaper.. So much for horse power
@ 0:25....camel toe ;) Just saying
the best thing about this video is the music
uhhhh yeah... I'll take 10 Ferrari's please and thank you.
That's like beating a marlin in a foot race. It's fast... Just not in that context. I could probly job and still beat a car
So it's not scientific but do this again in NYC and see if the cyclist wins this time...
DUDE! Get a hair cut! Do you know how stupid you look?
I feel like topanga canyon is faster. They should've both taken it!
i would rather be lazy in a ferrai then ever ride a bike
The ferrari doesn't prove anything. Traffic is traffic
am i the only one that when he said" Italia " though of Hetalia

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