Car Crashes Into Divider

I think he turned a little too early...
Car Crashes Into Divider
Published on 11/19/2017
I think he turned a little too early...


whats with the PURPLE? lmao
I think he was trying to avoid the transfer truck
His tire blew! You can notice the car shifting from the left back end if you look closely.
I think the truck did a tight turn in the car's way..
the trailer was turning first then the car so he tied to avoid n crashed against the wall
he just stop for the red light :D
What i see is that he was traying to avoid been hit by the truck.
He tried to break cuz the traffic signal turned into red then slipped away
Its funny its all old people. They barley got them self out of the car. Lmao
That's what happens trying to pass a truck on the right side !
Truck 1
Car 0
The artic on the left indicated too late. The driver of the car steered right and hit his brakes. The barriers worked nicely to tople the car.
Looks like his rear brakes locked up
I don't know if that was the car or the tracker trailers fault... the tracker trailer was definitely coming into the cars lane as if the car wasn't even there....smh
Dam truck didn't put his signal n he got caught off guard and turned in a panic Smh
Of course he can…. he had the green arrow, didn't he?
I bet they were Asian.
Guy in purple looking like Barney doe 😅
Purple day or something?
fuck those assholes that just drove by r.r
And he keeps driving???
Omg 😯
Was it a guy or a girl?!?!?!?
and... the trucker keeps on truckin!
Well then
go home car you're drunk
How could he NOT notice he was turning early? Don'cha think the concrete barriers would have given him ample notice? ô.o
it was the semi
Damn, he's blocking the green arrow too!!! (Hope they r ok), but pay attention people!!!
Distracted & or Drunk & or Dumb?
Bliad lol
Gta v URL
Ya think?
Stupid ass truck driver
I think he was just listening to his car navigation system
Holy shit
Lol. lmao! WTF! Horrible driving. The truck wasn't even close. If that's why he got scared.
that guy in purple wtf
It's pretty obvious that the passing rate for the commercial driver's license test is too high. I was in a bad wreck with a tractor trailer too. Thank God I'm okay, but it's scary to see how bad some of these drivers are, especially considering the size of their vehicles and the sheer amount of damage that one wrong mistake can cause.
The truck driver wasn't in the right lane to turn. Truck drivers fault
Car didn't turn, it slid sideways.
Cars own fault they never hit each other
That was the quickest roll over I've ever seen.
Trk never touched the car lol
He didn't turn. It slipped, I dunno if his brakes locked or not.
Good to see guys helping out 👍
The accident could have been avoided,but it's nice to see people running to the car to make sure they are okay.

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