Canadian KD Vs. American Mac ‘N’ Cheese

Canadian KD Vs. American Mac ‘N’ Cheese
Canadian KD Vs. American Mac ‘N’ Cheese
Published on 12/11/2017
Canadian KD Vs. American Mac ‘N’ Cheese


except that you cheated and used the deluxe which is like velveeta for the american version should have done it using boxed mac and cheese
American: I don't like your mac n' cheese
Canadian: Sorry
Yes the deluxe mac and cheese is not like the blue box mac and cheese. Retest. I'm american and I feel you cheated the canadians.
The problem with this is you're using 2 different kinds of kraft. For Canada you're using simple Kraft Dinner. But for the US, you're using Kraft Deluxe. Kraft Deluxe is not the equivalent of Canada's Kraft Dinner.
Now to get some Australians to taste test. I feel like they remember the taste so they go with who've ever they remember. If someone has never had either one it would be a little more fair, no?
Oh and stop calling it "canadian Mac & cheese". It's Kraft Dinner God dammit!
Fucking stupid. Delete this shit and use Kraft Mac and Cheese with the powder Vs KD. These aren't the same thing.
The best test would be using people who are not Canadian or American. People will generally prefer what they are familiar with. To get an unbiased result you need unbiased taste buds.
I think its interesting that Americans picked the one they liked more while Canadians were trying to pick which one was Canadian.
It's not as though Americans and Canadians are going to be partial towards the "Mac and Cheese" or KD they've been eating their entire lives. Wouldn't the non-bias way to run this experiment be to find some people from neither Canada or America to try both of them and choose?
Kraft Dinner is way better than any mac n cheese in America
But the Canadians were trying to pick theirs. They weren't going by flavor.
Lol it looked like the Canadians were trying to choose Kraft Dinner instead of "the better one".
They CHEATED. The American one was NOT the o.g original mac and cheese everyone grew up one. It was the deluxe one with a cheese packet. Of course they went with it.
what happened to making it with real cheese?
Should have put Justin Bieber's face on the Canadian sign. 😂
This is bullshit. Regular box Mac n cheese versus regular box Mac and cheese. What is this deluxe shit.
Watching this I think Americans where more fair picking actually the one they like, and Canadians really had a tough time because they put alot of thought on what one was canadian
Delux vs regular not fair retest using regular vs regular
WOAH WOAH WOAH. you brought in the deluxe box??? That is not kraft mac and cheese in america. Uneven test.
RETEST! You shouldn't have used the delux. Delux tastes better than the simple blue box. didnt even use mac n cheese, u used the ''new'' ish stuff thats deluxe so this is a FAIL buzzfeed
Yeah this is not fair, you used deluxe version not the original!!!!! DO OVER!!!!!!!
u guys should have chosen people for tasting not american or canadian. That would be more accurate. And those who have never tasted mac and cheese in a box.
They really should have chosen candidates that were from neither Canada or America to eliminate bias.
They went into the experiment wanting to choose their own perspective country so that in itself is bias lol... should have got people from neither Canada or America to do the experiment so there's is no favoring bias...
Do over and use the non deluxe version.
Why did I watch this whole thing?
I think you. Should try it on neither Canadians nor Americans. . . To get an unbiased opinion.
Wait wait wait.....u used Kraft deluxe...not the regular kraft with the powdered cheese, I call your theory failed!!! Must use as long as possible to the same product. Y'all failed...sorry but that's a fact jack
Hahaha... This was fun!... But sadly both experiments were biased... Eating has a visual parameter that cannot be ignored. If it looks like the one from is better.... They needed to test this with people from other countries that have never eaten either this products! BTW... making your own M&C from scratch is ten times better!!!
Yeah they need to use the box with the powder that is the regular mac and cheese for Americans!! They are cheating thats like using velveeta shells and cheese!!
Do a take three with people not from America or Canada!!!..!
Actually, not a fair comparison because they used Kraft DELUXE for the American version and not the plain box. Bad job. Cheaters.
Mac & Cheese Deluxe is GROSS. Why didn't they test KD vs. Regular Mac&cheese? BOO! 😝😁
They used the deluxe Kraft mac and cheese for the American one which is not equivalent to the Canadian Kraft dinner. The need to redo it with the regular Kraft mac and cheese.
They used original Kraft dinner vs deluxe mac & cheese. Not the same.
I completely agree that this is inconclusive. Use the correct Mac n cheese, not deluxe.
They should've been blindfolded. The fact that they knew which was which compromised the results. So, this taste test is inconclusive.
U would need a canadian to make the KD and an american to make the mac & cheese. It would be more fair. Because an american probably cant make it the way a canadian really would . We dont follow the directions on the box. But the canadians probably did for the american mac and cheese because they never had it before. Vice versa. you know what i mean?
That deluxe box of Mac n cheese is not the equivalent of KD , KD has powder cheese....retest !!!!!!!
Tanya though...
i feel like i just went in a big circle with this pointless
Who cares? Like he said at the beginning of the video... Americans really don't care whether or not their Mac n Cheese is better. Wasn't even aware this was a "thing."
Never mind American to Canadian KD. HAVE YOU EVER HAD AMERICAN CORN POPS? ?? I don't even understand how they can be called Corn Pops they are horrible. Canadian Corn Pops all the way!
Don't trust the Canadians. 4/4 doesn't mean anything cuz it's too small of a sample size
I've never heard of either of these things (American - living in South Georgia). This looks fucking disgusting. In Savannah we love Mac n' Cheese, but you go to a restaurant for it or you make it at home and you do it right - pair it with corn bread or hush puppies.
Real Mac 'n Cheese should come out on a baking sheet, with a nice crusty browned cheese over the top. It shouldn't look like sad little noodles drenched in cum.
We get KD by the cases when we're in the great white north. My Canadian hubby loves KD. I myself got burned out on the American stuff as a kid and won't touch the stuff. Thanks Andrea!
You need people from neither America or Canada to try it!
Redo yu can't use the MC Deluxe.
Velveeta would kick both of them out of the competition! It's the most yummy!! (Or is it yummiest?) 😋

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