Can your 9 year olds do this?! :P

How old is your pit crew!?
Can your 9 year olds do this?! :P
Published on 10/22/2017
How old is your pit crew!?


My son at the age of 4 loves to help me wrench on cars, and my daughter at the of 8 can mount up a 40 inch tall bogger on my truck with the help of pry bars.
Badd ass ,he even knows the sequence its supposed to be done in
Nice job but he shouldnt be putting his legs under the car like that.. if the jack fails.. he wont be able to get pedicures
He bolted them down in a star pattern, they rased that boy right.
That's our son! Jack Jack Plog!
For those of you who commented about safety and jackstands, did you watch the video? There are jackstands and a jack under the car, which he put there. He has to use his legs to lift the wheels so he doesn't drag them on the wheel studs.
Kid knows more about properly tightening lugs than most "mechanics" do now a days at Firestone.
Parenting: you're doing it right
My 9 year old is adhd and we home school . He spends all of his free time in the body shop with me and his grand pa. Hardly knows what a video game is.
teach um young but right. don't put your legs under the car.
That's what I'm talking about! Keep our kids active in ALL Sports!
Familia q corre juntos se mantiene juntos
i used to do that when i was 9 years old too :P
Yeah 10 year old under a car being supported by only a hydraulic jack.
Finally I grand national on here!
This will be are kid Ashley Grow
Erwin Smith... think the twins got the skill
Gonna be Brian Green's kids
Best way to start them young with a GN!
Matt Moore your gunna end up having a shit tone of kids so you can have your own pit crew.
My little guy... 5 yrs old.
they must have awesome parents very cool way to keep them off the streets and outa trouble their building a future for the kids and racing
I need a boy! Angela Maria
He even knows how to do the star patern.
Star em early
Chris Jeske, check it out. I love Everything about this!
Gotta start em young
Holey shit that kid needs big props for that tire change that led to two wins
Tim Blake II Melanie Lockhart it'll happen give it time lmao
I have seen grown men who couldn't do that!!!!!And he does the star pattern!!!!!
Awesome! <3
Job well done kids!
Hey i remember my son Ernie Gomez used to help me do that, now he's 21 and won't help me wash it# lmao!
Benoit Duval
Wanda Garcia
Supa Mario You Came To Mind When I Saw This
OK let's get started Alvaroakawizz Gomez
Sogar überkreuz angezogen
Rachelle Jiminez I want a pit crew like this lol
David Cairns
Get those kids trained up boyo lol
My kids and my regal one
Clifton Karamaene this is gonna be the kids with our drift cars aye brotha hahahaha
5 year old girl builds a rotary engine.
Prinell Naicker- :D
Mechanic rule #1 always put a jack stand under the car when using a hydraulic jack
Our sons right there Stacie Kirkpatrick

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